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5 Advantages to Having an Open Floor Plan in Your Home

November 11, 2014

5 Advantages to Having an Open Floor Plan in Your Home

If you are designing your new home, an open floor plan with a seamless transition from the indoor space to an outdoor veranda is a great feature to include. Open layouts are becoming more and more popular in modern homes as they give the illusion of a bigger space, provide more natural sunlight and outdoor views, and create a more safe and social environment.


With advancements in centralized heating, the concept of open floor plans dates back to the 1880s and is accredited to architect and innovator Frank Lloyd Wright who incorporated the design into his Midwestern Prairie Houses in the early 1900s. He later created the Usonian style house, which uses strong visual connections to tie in the indoor and outdoor areas of a home.

5 Advantages

1) Connection to outdoor living space

Today most luxury homes utilize an open floor plan to create a connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, such as by expanding the indoor space outside to an expansive veranda. To create the feel of one large and connected space, eliminate any visual barriers or use floor to ceiling glass and use a similar flooring or rug in both the indoor and outdoor spaces. A veranda offers many benefits of its own, such as adding value to a home and providing additional space and sustainability. It shelters you from the heat on a hot day and can prevent the sun’s rays from heating up your home, which will decrease your air-conditioning bills.

Open Floor Plan

2) Spacious

By opening up a space and removing any visual barriers, the interior and exterior spaces appear much larger.


3) More natural light

By eliminating extra interior walls to open up the space, the windows will bring more sunlight into your home and give you a better view of your outdoor landscape.


4) Entertainment

An open layout makes entertaining guests not only easier but also more enjoyable. You don’t miss a beat while cooking because you can still see and socialize with your guests, and with the flow between spaces, it’s easier for voices to carry from the indoor living space to the outdoor veranda.


5) Safety

If you have children or plan to in the near future, having an open floor plan in your home allows you to keep a close eye on them. Regardless if you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen or reading in the living room, you can supervise your child who is playing outside or in a nearby room.

Sater Design Collection offers all these features and more in its luxury home plans. Through selecting one of Sater Design Collection’s popular pre-made designs or customizing your own design, your luxury home plans can incorporate an open layout with a veranda and reap all of their benefits.

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