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Top 3 Types of Roof Structures

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Top 3 Types of Roof Structures

The literal definition is very boring, I prefer calling them a house’s hat. But that would not be very professional. A truss is a structure comprising one or more triangular units. Each triangle is constructed with straight and usually slender members of timber, connected at the ends by joints. External loads, and the structure’s reaction to those loads, act at the joints, resulting in forces that are either tensile or compressive. See, I told you, boring.
When you purchase a home plan there are still things to deal with. One of them is the roof trusses. The issue is, no house designer can create a set of plans that would meet every local, county, and state regulations. The difference between the regulations for a roof in Florida and one in Colorado are huge. So most designers, Sater Design Collection included will include a “roof layout” in their set of plans. Most of the time these roof layouts are not sufficient to pass local regulations.
Traditional Stick Framing 
Traditional Stick Framing is when a carpenters take sticks of lumber ( 2×6, 2×8, 2×10 and 2×12) to the job site. They hand cut and fit this lumber together into a roof or floor system. Stick framing can be cheaper if you have the time and the skilled labor required. If your home is located in a remote or difficult to access area, stick framing may be the only way to go.



Timber Framing 
Timber Framing is when Craftsmen assemble timbers, joinery and braces together to form a self-supporting skeleton structure. This type of roof does create handsome exposed timber-frame structures. But the beauty comes at a cost. It requires skilled labor and the roofs make for difficulties when running ductwork, wiring, and plumbing. They also take a lot of time to build and they are hard to insulate properly.


Wood Trusses 
Wood Trusses are designed and delivered to the job site with a truss placement plan. Wood Trusses are lower in cost, fast to install and require ordinary tools and do not require skilled labor. Virtually any roof and sealing is possible. They are an engineered product fully assembled and delivered to the job site meaning there is no job site waste. They do require advanced planning. You will need a set of plans for the structure.
Typically our plans utilize the Wood Truss type of roof structure because of their many benefits. Trusses bring virtually unlimited architectural versatility, providing simple solutions to complex designs and unusual conditions without inhibiting building design freedom. Using trusses, you have complete flexibility in interior room. Trusses are an engineered and tested product. There are nationally recognized standards for truss design and manufacturing of metal plate connected wood trusses. These standards have been adopted by major model building codes. Because this is such a specialized component and such an important part of your home it is best to have knowledgeable professionals design and construct the trusses for your home.
This is why you have to get a truss company to design and build the roof trusses for your new Sater home. Typically your builder with work with a trusted local truss company and they will take your home plans and design and construct the trusses for you. It is a necessary and very important part of the home construction process.

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  • That’s pretty cool that there is no job site waste when you use wood trusses. I think I want my home build with a wooden truss. It sounds wonderful since you mentioned that it cost less and doesn’t take much time.

    Becca Holton on

  • i want s.ome G.I making roofstrechere photo

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  • nice

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  • It’s interesting that there are different kinds of roof trusses. It makes sense that some of them would be more effective than others! I think I like how the traditional stick frame works.

    Braden Bills on

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