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Floor Framing Plans (6 of 11)

April 16, 2015

Floor Framing Plans

Floor Framing Plan sheet
Not all plan sets will have a Floor Framing Plan sheet. Single story homes designed to be built using a slab foundation will not have a Floor Framing Plan sheet because the floor of the home is the slab foundation. However a home designed to be built on a slab foundation that also has a second story will have a floor framing plan for the second story. Homes designed to built with a basement or crawlspace will also have a Floor Framing Plan sheet.

The Floor Framing Plans provide structural information such as the joist location, spacing and direction, as well as the floor heights and stair openings. There is also typically numerous call-outs (notes) that indicate the type of floor trusses that are needed as well as information of truss supports and support locations. All Floor Framing Plans are for design purposes only and will require review by an engineer and/or truss designer to ensure conformity to local site conditions and allowance for given structural loads based on your climate and roofing materials selected.

Adding a Floor Framing Plan SheetSecond Floor Framing Plan

We are often asked why it is so expensive to add a basement to an existing home plan that was designed to be built on a slab. This is because these floor framing sheets need to be created from scratch. Specific construction details need to be worked out and these very detailed drawings created. Also when a slab is converted into a wood floor all the weight and support points that once were resting on a cement slab now need to be transferred down through the floor and down into the new basement or crawl space foundation. Then the new foundation plans need to be drawn. It takes a lot of work and effort to figure all that out and create the drawings.
As with every aspect of a home plan you will need to have your local structural engineer review these Floor Framing Plans to make sure they adhere to your local codes and regulations.

In the next installment of Explaining a Set of Plans we will go straight to the top and we will jump onto the Roof Layout sheet!


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November 24, 2020

So, basically, floor framing plan is of that very floor. not the floor above?

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