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Choosing the Best Home Plan

November 13, 2015

Choosing the Best Home Plan

There are many factors to take into consideration before choosing the perfect home plan. Choosing a house plan may seem overwhelming, but knowing your exact needs before beginning your search is the best way to start.

Where to begin?

Creating a checklist of your wants and needs would be the most helpful first step. Talk with your family and discuss what each of you wants in a home, and even search for house plans together. Sater Design has hundreds of plans available online, as well as in our extensive collection of home plan books.

Deciding what size of home will best suit your family’s lifestyle is the most important consideration in choosing a home plan. Planning to expand your family? Consider the number of bedrooms you will need now and in the future. If making space for out of town guests is a priority, then a home plan with extra bedrooms or a basement option, such as with Sater Design’s “Dune Ridge” plan, would be an attractive choice.

Dune Ridge Home

Dune Ridge-Front Elevation-Plan #7078

Your lifestyle is another important factor in choosing a home plan. In what rooms will you spend the most time? If you love to cook, search for a house plan with a large functional kitchen, such as in Sater Design’s open and lovely “Arabella” plan.

Arabella Home Plan - Kitchen

Arabella-Kitchen-Plan #6799

This particular plan also has an outdoor kitchen for the grill master in your family, and the layout is perfect for entertaining.

Another consideration before choosing a house plan is the layout. Do you prefer an open floor plan or more traditional compartmentalized rooms? Families with small children may prefer to have all of the bedrooms on one side of the house or all on one floor. Is a large laundry room or a mud room a necessity for your active family? These factors and more will determine your long term satisfaction with the home plan of your choosing.

Whatever house plan you choose, it is important that you purchase your plan from a professionally respected design firm. For over 30 years, The Sater Group and the Sater Design Collection have created beautiful and timeless designs for homeowners all around the world. Our design professionals can help guide you through all factors of choosing the right home plan for you and your family. Call us today for all of the latest information and ideas in luxury house plans.

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