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Why You Should Build a Spanish Colonial Home

July 08, 2022

The architectural field is vast, and you’ll need to make many choices when designing a home to live in. There are also plenty of environmental considerations, as some home styles are better suited to different climates. Read on to learn why a Spanish colonial home should be the style you go with.

The Courtyard

One of the greatest benefits of a Spanish colonial-style home is the central courtyards. This feature is not common in many modern-day architectural styles, and you will sorely miss its absence when it’s gone. These open-air courtyards have many benefits compared to traditional backyards, as there is often much more shade and privacy. When you build a Spanish colonial home, there are some choices you can make to leave certain aspects in or remove them altogether, but a courtyard is an absolute must-have. 

The Simplicity

Part of what makes Spanish colonial-style homes so unique is the great emphasis away from decoration and more toward embracing the house itself. Spanish colonial homes are typically made of adobe brick walls with stucco over them, and they also feature wooden beams, flat roofs, and clay tiles. The look and feel of a Spanish colonial-style home are distinct, and placing a lot of decoration on top of that can make the home feel suffocating. Instead, these homes are simple, elegant, and don’t require much effort to hold their beauty.

Energy Efficiency

These homes are also an excellent option because they are more energy-efficient because of their stucco walls. Builders initially used stucco when constructing these homes because there were no energy systems in place, but the homes needed to stay cool in the day and warm in the evening. The stucco material absorbs the heat from the day and releases it at night. Simultaneously, it absorbs the cold at night and releases it during the day, significantly lowering your energy bills since you’ll be using AC and heating much less often.

A Spanish colonial home should be on the top of everyone’s build list, as these homes have so much to love. They are rich in history and hold such an elegance even today. At Sater Design Collection, we can help you find the proper Spanish-style home blueprints that bring the home of your dreams to life.

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Mrs Corey L Ross
Mrs Corey L Ross

August 02, 2022

Iam sold on one story medittaranean home plans,their gorgeous and provide alot of space for entertainment in various rooms,the more elegant angles and curves, and elaboately carved interior and exterior intracate engravings in a medittaranean home plan that has several room additions to the home,and french doors and arched kitchen entries,motivates me to want to add absolutely and gorgeous mosaic tilling design. The more expanded square footage a one story medittaranean home possesses,the more likely it will disperse a higher level of cooling energy, and family members and guests wont have to smother each other while staying in the same room. The other positive aspect of owning a one story is no stairs to climb, and guests staying more than one week especially if the number of guests is a large group,,than guests can go into other rooms of the home for some much needed social space

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