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Why Single-Story Homes Are Becoming More Popular

January 26, 2023

In the year 2023, the world of residential builds is vast and expansive. While this is an exciting time for the industry due to benefits such as cutting-edge technology, massed intellect, and modern architecture, it can also lead to one simple side effect: too. many. options. When overwhelmed with indecision, future homeowners often revert back to the basics and ask themselves the simple question, how many stories do I want? The answer may surprise you. Single-story homes are making a powerful comeback, and we are here for it!  


Cost Effective 

Single story homes are more affordable than their multi-story counterparts. There. We said it. In a complex industry, this equation is as simple as, the smaller the home, the lower the cost. The size of your future home directly impacts the standard upfront costs and may even mean fewer hidden costs along the way throughout the building process. Additionally, the cost effectiveness of a single story home carries a one-two-punch as once the home is completed, homeowners pay less overall for standard services such as heating and air conditioning. 


Plan and Layout 

A smaller home, however, absolutely does not mean less luxurious! A twenty-first century single-story home is chic, modern, and elegant, boasting features such as:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Floor to ceiling windows 
  • Open-concept floor plans 

When designers are working with a single-story home, they don’t have to deal with the architectural complications multi-story homes provide. Having one floor is a designer’s haven for creating an open-concept, flowing, airy style home - which also happens to be the most popular style currently trending. Whether it’s large, medium, or small, with the right designer, your single-story home has all the potential in the world to be a modern oasis for you and your family. 



A minimalistic trend is sweeping Americans at large. In terms of housing, downsizing can mean many things to many people. In a one-story home, people have the space they need, and sometimes, that’s enough. It means less cleaning, less managing, and overall, less hassle. Well-designed single-story homes will give a family all the space and privacy they need within the home to feel comfortable, while still having all aspects of the home accessible to everyone. 


Safe for Children and Seniors

The fact of the matter is that if mobility is a concern, single-story homes are an overwhelming positive option. From small children to elderly family members, staircases and upper levels can pose an existential threat, and a single-story home is an excellent solution. 

Single-story homes and their booming popularity is a trend that is here to stay. Cost-effective, safe, efficient, and an architect’s dream canvas - what’s not to love? Contact our team at Sater Design Collection to assist you in navigating the perfect layout for your vision, family, and financial goals. We have a variety of one-story home plans you can choose from and customize, ensuring that at the end of this process, you will have the home of your dreams! 

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