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4 Ways To Decorate the Interior of Spanish-Style Homes

January 24, 2023

There are many different home styles in the world, but regardless of which home style you choose, the interior needs decorations to match the home. For example, if you opt for a Spanish-style home, you must decorate your interior with decorations that match and emphasize the beauty of Spanish architecture. Continue reading to learn four ways to decorate the interior of Spanish-style homes.

Go Dark

When decorating homes, you must make many important decisions; one of those decisions is color. You typically start with a simple color scheme in your head, which applies to furniture and decorations, but you must also consider the wood in the home. Wood is a prominent element of many Spanish-style homes, and if you want to stand out, consider going for some darker wood elements. This dark finish will look great in many homes, but it truly shines in a Spanish-style home, complementing the lighter tans and beiges that come standard in these homes.

Get Creative With Lighting

Another decorating idea you should consider is to be creative with lighting. Natural light is part of what makes Spanish-style homes great, but it is not guaranteed all year long. To compensate for this, you need some light elements, but they shouldn’t take away from the natural light that comes in. Instead of putting fluorescent light bulbs in every ceiling, consider going with something a little more traditional—ceiling pendant lanterns. These lanterns match well with the Spanish-style aesthetic and are sure to get you the light you need as well.

Painted Tiles

Painted tiles are another way to decorate your home in the traditional Spanish style while still looking somewhat modern. Tiles have a long history with Spanish- and Mediterranean-style architecture, but that doesn’t mean they are incongruous with the modern decorating schemes of today. Rather, some painted tiles, whether around an arched doorway or on the edge of your fireplace, can bring style and beauty to a space. The traditional blue-and-white tiles will look great almost anywhere, but feel free to experiment with different color schemes.

Incorporate Some Iron

Iron is another common element you shouldn’t forget to include when it comes time to decorate your Spanish-style home. Black wrought iron is a common feature of many traditional Spanish homes because it’s functional and looks great at the same time. Homeowners typically use this iron for railing on stairs, windows, and balconies, and they work incredibly well with the stucco walls you’ll find within these homes. Not every home needs iron, but it’s hard to deny that it adds a lot of beauty to these homes.

Decorate the interior of your Spanish-style home with these tips, and you’ll have a fantastic home that feels great to live in. Interior decoration can be a struggle, but so can finding the right home in the first place. Thankfully, that’s where we at Sater Design Collection come in. We have a variety of Spanish-style house plans for you to choose from to bring the home of your dreams to life!

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