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When Is a Door More than a Door?

August 17, 2017

Custom Doors by New Erra Doors

Our home designs are more than the sum of their parts. When one of our designs are built, all parts of the design work together to create something special. It all comes down to details. If the details are given the correct amount of attention, they elevate the whole.

A good example of this is the attention of detail given to doors. When you think about it, doors are one of the most interacted with parts of a home. They are more than just portals by which we enter a home or transition between rooms. They are what we and our guests touch every day.

The weight of a door, the feel of the hardware, the smoothness of its operation gives a house its character. A beautiful home with a creaking clunky front door can evoke everything from a sense of cheapness to horror (on a cold and rainy night). Doors truly set a tone for the home.

Doors Add Curb-Appeal

You don’t even have to be close to a door for it to evoke feeling. A beautifully designed and masterfully crafted front door can give a home great curb-appeal. Even a brightly colored front door can cheer up the appearance of a home. Remember, you only have one chance at a first impression. Many times that impression is made before people even get out of the car.

When a door is more than a door - New Erra Doors

Beyond the visual and tactile aesthetics of doors, there is the practical importance. We all know a new home is expensive. But if the money is spent wisely it is a good investment. Of course, the most important thing is the house design. No matter how well a home is built, and no matter how high-end the materials used, if the design of the home is bad it will never feel right when lived in.

Don't Buy Into Cheap Hardware

Moving past the design, the next important thing is the doors. Using solid, well crafted doors and hardware that will last will ensure the life of your doors. Sure, you can buy hardware from your local home improvement big-box store but guess what? You’ll be back there in a few years to buy all new hardware if not quality made.

New Erra Doors are safe.

Doors protect you. Having strong doors and locks on a home give you a sense of protection for you and your family. Security is something that can last over time. Building the cost of proper, high-quality door hardware into the budget of your new home will pay off in the future. Door hardware, hinges, locks, and door-knobs should last as long as the home itself. Homes built with good quality hardware will serve you, your children and even your grandchildren.

Doors are Solid Investments

Beyond the hardware, the door itself should be of the highest quality. Solid wood doors will last for a hundred years (or more) if cared for properly. People a hundred years from today are not going to be searching the salvage yards for vintage hollow metal doors. They will be looking for doors that were made with love and care, doors that have the patina of a hundred years, doors that tell a story. A story that can start with you and your family.

New Erra Door go well with Sater home designs.

Yes, we are passionate about doors, and cabinets, and columns, and trim. Because we are passionate about our home designs. A beautiful design can be ruined by poor execution. We always encourage our clients to use the best materials they can. For that reason we encourage everyone to consider New Erra Doors. They are as passionate about their doors as we are about our home designs.

It is always a pleasure to work with people that love doing what they do. When doing things the right way and serving customers the way you would want to be treated become the driving force in a company, well, it is just exciting to work with people like that. And it is exciting to see the end result of all this passion. That is the real magic in this industry. When dedicated craftsmen come together, what they create is amazing, and truly more than the sum if its parts.

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