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Bring the Outdoors Inside

October 16, 2017

Bring The Outdoors Inside

What is the best way to bring the outdoors inside? Take down a wall of your home. Sure that sounds extreme! But short of that, all you are doing is opening a door or two. So the first question is, how do you take down a wall of your home when you want it down?

Removing a wall of your home when you want it down is actually very doable. After all, we have car sized robots on Mars. Then the question becomes, which wall and where?

Most people spend most of their time in or around the kitchen. It's a focal point of any home. The best place to put a removable wall would be where you spend most of your time.

We are not talking about just installing a large sliding door. We are talking about being able to open an entire corner of your home to slide away out of sight. Having the corner of the room slide away and retreat out of sight makes for a stunning transformation.

retreating glass walls bring the putdoors inside

Visually, it is breathtaking to see a corner of a room disappear. We are used to thinking the corners of the room hold up the house. When they are removed it almost appears magical. At first it is hard to tell where the house ends - it seems to blend seamlessly with the outdoor living space.

With today's technology, this feature is very popular. The retreating walls are extremely strong. With advances in glass technology they are very energy efficient. When closed they are as sturdy and secure as a standard wall.

But when opened they transform the living space to something incredible. They give a home the feeling of living in a resort.

Retreeating glass walls  bring the outdoords iside

After all the time and effort people invest in finding the perfect location for their home, isn’t it a shame that most home plans don’t allow your to take full advantage of the natural beauty that surrounds you?

Even if your lot doesn’t have stunning views to take in, retreating glass walls will expand your living area to include the pool or patio space.

We have lots of plans that are great at bringing the outdoors inside. We’d love to help you find the house plan that will enhance your lifestyle.

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