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What Makes a Luxury Home?: Everything You Need To Know

October 13, 2022

In the world of home buying and home building, there are a few different styles that are more obtainable for the average person, while some can seem out of reach. Almost anyone can build a contemporary single-story home, but what about a modern luxury home? These homes have a lot of unique features that are hard to find anywhere else. Read on to learn everything you need to know about what makes a luxury home.

Private Location

One of the most notable characteristics of luxury homes is their private location. These homes are incredibly vast and high-quality, so they can’t just exist anywhere. You will most likely find luxury homes in private and remote locations. Owners build them in these areas to gain some privacy and avoid attracting too much public attention. Practical features aside, they’re often great locations with views you can’t find elsewhere as well.

Because of this characteristic, you’re most likely to find luxury homes in exotic places like the Hollywood hills, penthouse suites, remote mountains, and on the water, whether on a lake or an ocean. Without this characteristic, these homes would lose a lot of their appeal. People want a home with a tremendous view, far away from prying eyes and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Higher Valuations

Another characteristic that is hard to miss with these luxury homes is their high dollar value. However, what’s interesting is that no set dollar value makes a home luxurious. Instead, these homes have a high value relative to the other homes in the area or city. The price of a mansion in the Midwest could be the same as that of a studio apartment in a city like San Francisco or New York City. Luxury can be a relatively subjective term, so it makes sense that what qualifies as a “luxury home” depends on the homes in their surrounding area.

However, while cities like Los Angeles and New York City have a higher dollar value attached to luxury homes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many around. Cities like these have the most luxurious homes because they offer great views, fantastic locations, and many other characteristics you’ll find later on this list.

Quality Materials

To make a luxury home, you’ll also need quality materials—a lot of them. These homes are typically massive, and to make them feel and look luxurious, you must construct them from the finest materials. In a luxury home, you can expect to find granite, marble, crystal, and hardwoods, as well as the highest-end appliances and furniture. You can find these features in your average home as well, but they are a staple feature in these luxury homes.

Materials like these are essential in creating a cohesive and comfortable feel to a space, and their absence is glaring. Without a granite countertop, stainless steel appliances, or hardwood floors, your home would be the sore thumb in the area that would toe the line of qualifying as a luxury property.

Significant Size

Another characteristic needed for your home to be luxurious is the size. When it comes to luxury, bigger is seemingly always better. This philosophy is even true in areas like the beach or New York City, where luxury homes may be smaller than in other parts of the country. At the end of the day, they are still much bigger than the homes around them.

Luxury homes are incredible in their size, a fact that applies to all aspects of the home. With a luxury home, you’ll likely find tall ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, huge pantries, multiple refrigerators, and a seemingly endless number of rooms, among many other features. When building these homes, many homeowners also like to have a lot of outdoor space, whether that’s in the form of a traditional yard, garden, terrace, or otherwise.

If you watch any luxury home TV shows, you’ll likely notice that numerous homes boast a private golf area, tennis court, swimming pool, batting cage, or other private amenities. These homes are terrific to live in, but when you’re visiting for the first time or just moving in, you might feel taken aback by the extent of the property.

The History

Another thing that makes luxury homes so unique is that if they don’t have a rich history, they could relatively soon. Many luxury homeowners boast a record of noteworthy previous owners and famed architects/designers. These architects/designers designing and constructing the homes are at the forefront of their field and continually find new ways to engineer and innovate upon established designs. The home may be a fairly traditional concept, but designers take these designs to their limit year after year. Because of this, many luxury homes are monuments to human achievement and will continue to reflect architectural and design trends for the foreseeable future.

Smart Appliances

This feature wasn’t as prominent before, but it has become an integral part of luxury homes that you will spot in almost every luxury property. Smart technology has quickly progressed over the last two decades to the point today where homes can be smart and integrate with other smart technologies.

For example, you can connect your home air conditioning and heating to the internet and access it right from your phone. Similarly, you could also control your fridge, toaster, and oven all from these smart devices. Or you could connect them through a smart assistant like Alexa and dictate to your home what you want. Smart appliances take luxury homes to the next level, and it will be interesting to see what further developments occur in the future and how they’ll continue to transform homes.

After learning everything you need to know about what makes a luxury home, you can create your own. There is plenty of room for experimentation and customization with these homes, so create the home you’ve always wanted. If you need help looking for or creating home designs, look no further than Sater Design Collection. We have plenty of designs and blueprints ready for you, and we can help bring your dream home to life!

What Makes a Luxury Home?: Everything You Need To Know

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