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Single-Story Home Design Ideas You’re Sure To Love

November 02, 2022

Many people think single-story homes are too simple and that there’s not a lot they can do with them, but they actually hold a lot of potential. When everything is on one floor, you must be creative with your floor plan to ensure everything is close by but not too overcrowded. Read on to learn about some single-story home design ideas you’re sure to love.

Go Asymmetrical

Symmetry is an important aspect of design that more homeowners are embracing, but what’s equally beneficial is being asymmetrical. When you create a symmetrical home, you try to give everything an equal feeling of importance and comfort, but these feelings can become bland. Alternatively, when you embrace asymmetry, your home feels more unique and diverse, and you can easily move around interior elements to place importance on different features.

This design choice can become overwhelming if you don’t do it right, but when embraced fully, you’re sure to make an interesting home that’s uniquely yours. You can even make your relatively symmetrical home’s exterior appear more asymmetrical by installing a detached garage or shed.

Embrace the Outdoors

A fantastic way to design your single-story home to give it a little extra oomph is to embrace the outdoors. Single-story homes are traditionally longer and wider than their second-story counterparts, but many will only have one entrance to the outdoors. The yard space is a fantastic feature of single-story homes, so why limit yourself to only one door? If you have an outdoor area with chairs, a table, or even a fire pit, you can install doors from the bedrooms that lead directly outside. Nothing is better than waking up, digging your toes into the grass, and enjoying the sun. Depending on the layout of your home, you can also make these outdoor areas more private so that everyone has their own little space to relax during the day.

Remember Orientation

You have to be a little creative when constructing a single-story home to ensure it doesn’t turn into a cookie-cutter house. One of the best ways to do that is by remembering the sun, as it’s a feature that can take your home to another level. You must design your home with the sunrise and sunset in mind. Natural light is incredible, and you should orient your home to maximize the amount of light you’re letting in.

You can design certain spaces to embrace the sunrise or sunset, depending on your preference. Then, design your outdoor area or living room so that they benefit from the light in the other half of the day.

You’re sure to love these single-story home design ideas because they allow you to make the most out of what’s available. These design ideas look incredibly appealing from the outside and are also comfortable to live in and call home. We have plenty of blueprints at Sater Design Collection to help you make the home of your dreams a reality, including one-level luxury house plans! Work with us today to create your forever home.

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