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TOPIC: 4 Spanish-Style Home Exterior Ideas for You

September 16, 2022


Part of what makes Spanish-style homes so unique compared to other similar home styles is that, while they look beautiful, they were initially built for functionality. The window sizes, the low-pitched roofs, and the stucco walls all had a purpose within the home. In modern Spanish-style homes, there are many more customization options available, allowing you to include things like a central air-conditioning system that makes you less reliant on the stucco material for heat and cold air retention. Read on to learn about four Spanish-style home exterior ideas that will make your space look fantastic.

Simple Embellishments

Some simple embellishments are a great way to contribute to your home’s exterior. Many traditional Spanish-style homes featured straightforward construction, used simple geometric lines, and prioritized function and utility over aesthetics. However, as time went on, architects and home designers saw a lot of room for experimentation with the Spanish-style form, so they began to add simple embellishments to accent the home. For example, some added small tile arches over windows and doorways or mission-style parapets. Consider adding these embellishments to your home to improve its exterior.

Red Tile Roofs

The red tile roofs are among the most interesting elements of Spanish-style homes. Few other homes have them, making them a distinguishing characteristic of Spanish-style homes. Typically, these roofs are very sloped and feature overlapping barrel tiles that create adequate drainage.

These tiles require the roof to have at least a 3:12 slope because anything less will require more underlayment. Additionally, they are excellent for insulation, absorbing the heat of the sun. The tiles' red color and unique shape do wonders for curb appeal, as they contribute to a sense of refinement and elegance in your home.


Another exterior idea that every home needs is a courtyard. These homes thrive on their ability to direct cool air, and the courtyards are an extension of that. These outside spaces generally feature fantastic shade and allow for cool breezes. By building a courtyard in your home, you can enjoy the fresh air while still feeling the comfort of the home. Not every Spanish-style home has a courtyard, but those that do certainly benefit.


Spanish-style homes often have an outside breezeway, known as a portale or corredor. It's a great space that leads to your courtyard, and there are some beautiful things you can do with it. Often, people will have a set of doors leading to the breezeway, but this can feel somewhat restrictive. Instead, consider opening up the breezeway with large glass sliders to make the transition between the indoors and outdoors more seamless.

These Spanish-style home exterior ideas will look terrific around any home. A home’s aura centers around who's in it and how each space feels; one way to create the right feel is to make your home beautiful, and these exterior ideas will contribute to that. We can help you create the right aesthetic at Sater Design Collection, as we have many Spanish-revival house plans that would be perfect for your new home!

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