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10 Must-Have Features in a Modern Luxury Home

September 16, 2022

Many want to live in luxury but are unable to attain it. Others reach that point of luxury, but they’re not sure how to make it a reality. For example, many envision a luxurious home, but constructing one and knowing what to put where is quite challenging. Read on to learn more about the ten must-have features you’ll need in your modern luxury home.

Smart Tech Integration

Smart technology is a terrific feature that every luxury home needs today. When your home is integrated with smart technology, you can control the air conditioning, lights, and even appliances such as your toaster and fridge, all from your phone. You can even lock your doors and turn on your alarm system if you’re across the country, ensuring you can keep your home safe even when you are hundreds of miles away.

An Open Floor Plan

Luxury homes thrive on space and openness, which is why your luxury home needs to have an open floor plan. Grand entryways and lots of room to run around and do whatever you imagine are just a few of the luxuries that an open floor plan provides. These floor plans are also great for bringing in lots of natural light from the outdoors, and they make entertaining lots of guests incredibly easy. An open-concept floor plan also means that your kitchen and living spaces are much larger, allowing you to enjoy your home in many more ways.

Home Bar or Wine Cellar

To truly make your home luxurious, you must include a wet bar. Entertaining is one of the best things you can do when you have an enormous and luxurious home—and you can’t entertain without serving up some delicious cocktails! Many homes also have a wine cellar in tandem with a wet bar. A wine cellar allows you to store your vast collection of wines from around the world—or you can start your own collection. Make your mixologist and wine connoisseur dreams come true with these beautiful additions to your home.

Home Theater

An in-home theater is something that many like to add to their home, so it has become a luxury you can find in many mid-range homes. However, while you can find them in more homes now than in previous years, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a luxury.

Home theaters have many customization options to make your theater match your tastes. For example, you can change your screen size, use either a projector or monitor, and choose special seats, sound systems, decorations, and snacks. Going to the movie theater is a fun experience for you and your friends, but there’s nothing better than enjoying that experience from the comfort of your own home.

Exercise Rooms

One feature many homeowners like to include in their homes is some form of a gym or exercise room. Many homeowners with smaller homes will simply put a piece of work-out equipment in a spare bedroom. However, you can go all-out with your luxurious home. You can have an entire room dedicated to protein smoothies and exercising, and you can even add some cool-down rooms as well.

Many homeowners also like to include a sauna room and a massage area. This way, you can both work out your muscles and give them some time to relax and release tension. These rooms are great even if you’re not working out, as they provide you with the opportunity to rest your body and mind, coming out refreshed and rejuvenated.

Gourmet Kitchens

Every home needs a kitchen, but as you start looking into more luxurious homes, the kitchen slowly becomes something completely unique—a gourmet kitchen. Of course, cooking is something that almost everyone does, but when you have a gourmet kitchen, you can do all kinds of cool things. For example, many gourmet kitchens will have extensive pantries, larger refrigerators, multiple ovens, and all the appliances you could ever think of. With these, you can stock your kitchen with anything your heart imagines. It only takes a little more imagination to create something and put it on your plate.

Luxurious Suites

A significant feature in many homes is the bedrooms, and all bedrooms typically have the shared features of a bed and a closet, and some even have an en-suite bathroom. With a high-end home, these rooms turn into luxury suites. Guest rooms are much larger and have better views, larger closets, and an en-suite bathroom of their own. The primary suite is magnificent, having the same pros as the smaller guest suites, in addition to a lounge area and the best of the best—the walk-in closet; people love their closets, and you don’t need to skimp on this feature when you create your luxury home.

Outdoor Areas

If you want your home to be truly luxurious, you must also have some great outdoor features. The ability to go from indoor to outdoors seamlessly is a remarkable feature in and of itself, but it only gets better when you have the same outdoor luxuries as indoors. Features like a large pool, an outdoor kitchen, or a veranda are all required if you truly want to live a luxurious lifestyle both inside and outside your home.

A Terrific Location

This feature is hard to pinpoint and build into the home. Instead, you must build your home around the location. You could have a luxury home in the middle of nowhere, but for it to truly pop and stand out, you must build your home in an amazing location. By doing this, you can have some fantastic views, privacy, and beautiful weather all year round.

Your Personal Game Room

In addition to a spa, home theater, luxury suite, and magnificent kitchen, you’ll also want a space to go to at the end of the day to let loose. This kind of space depends on the person and looks very different in each home. For some, it is an indoor bowling alley. For others, it may be a virtual golfing range, a small basketball court, or even an outdoor tennis court. Make your home uniquely yours with game rooms like these!

These are the must-have features you’ll need for your modern luxury home, but there’s still much more to your home than these features. You’ll also need an excellent floor plan that aligns well with your dream home vision. Here at Sater Design Collection, we have various luxury mansion floor plans so that you can easily turn your luxurious living dream into a reality. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, so we can curate the perfect luxury floor plan for your needs!

10 Must-Have Features in a Modern Luxury Home

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