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Multilevel Home Plans – The Popular Choice!

December 15, 2015

Multilevel Home Plans Blog

Multilevel home plans are a popular choice for growing families. Traditionally, a multilevel house is simply two or more floors stacked on top of each other, but there are variations of this home design. Another type of multilevel home design is called a split level. The split level ranch was a very popular style built mostly from the mid 1940s into the 1980s. In these homes, short flights of stairs leading up and down can be found just off or adjacent to the entryway.

Multilevel Homes Entry

Multilevel Home Plan Advantages

A split level home can be a more efficient living space for families who prefer separate living spaces. In these multilevel home plans, the contours of the land can be used as an advantage. It was American architect Frank Lloyd Wrightwho believed that houses with “half floors” would blend in naturally with the landscape. Daylight basements that allow sunlight and air circulation to enter the room are a popular choice in this home design. Garages can also be sunken to allow level access into the home.

Best-Selling Multilevel Home Plans

One of the popular multilevel home plans by Sater Design is the “Nicholas Park”. This 2374 square foot home plan features a mid-level foyer, with the main living spaces and master suite on the first floor, and the guest suites on the second floor.

Nicholas Park-Front View-Plan 6804

Nicholas Park-Front View-Plan 6804

Nicholas Park-Main Level Floor Plan-6804

Nicholas Park-Main Level Floor Plan-6804

This plan is available with an island basement foundation, which houses double drive under garages and ample storage space.

Another one of the best-selling multilevel home plans by Sater Design is “Aruba Bay”, a luxury cottage-style home. With an open concept and multiple decks and porches, the floor plan lives larger than its 1886 square feet.

Aruba Bay-Main Level Floor Plan-6840

Aruba Bay-Main Level Floor Plan-Plan #6840

Aruba Bay Cottage Home

The elevated balcony entry and varied rooflines give this home personality, charm, and eye-catching curb appeal.

What are your thoughts on these two bright and sunny multilevel home plans? Leave us your comments below!

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