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How to Choose a Home Builder

Posted by Dan Sater II on

How to choose a Home Builder

Picking a home plan is just the start of the journey. After you have the home plans in your hand, you now need someone to build it. Just how do you find and choose a builder?

Builders usually specialize in specific types of structures. This means some are commercial builders, some specialize in remodeling, and some specialize in new residential construction. It is always best to hire someone who specializes in what you are looking for, in this case, new residential construction.

You should start your search by contacting your local homebuilders’ association. Just about every town has one. They should have a fairly complete list of builders that specialize in residential construction. A great resource for this is the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

We have been members of the NAHB for many, many years. You can contact the NAHB through their website. Their website has tools for finding the NAHB in your local area. Although not as extensive as the NAHB’s list of builders, we too have a tool for finding a builder.

It is very important to become familiar with new construction in your area. Reading the local paper, especially the the real-estate section, is great for this. People may hate ads and they might be annoying, but they are also a great resource. Getting to know who is building what and what services different builders offer is vitally important.

Talking to your neighbors and friends is also a great resource for information. If a home is being built on your street or in your neighborhood, take a walk over and ask some questions. You would be surprised just how much business builders get just from word of mouth.

Sometimes real-estate agents can be a good source of information about builders. They may know who is building the best homes in your area.

Research Your Home Builder

When you have a list of builders make sure you research them well. Make sure the builder you have in mind has experience in building the type and style of house you are interested in. If at all possible, visit homes that they have built. Ask the builders for references. A builder that can’t give you a list of references might be hiding something.

It is important to write down your questions for your builder and any clients they direct you to. It is easy to get distracted during a conversation and a written list is a great way to keep the conversation focused. Get a notebook and keep it with you, jot down your impressions and the answers you get.

Don’t Rush Choosing a Home Builder

Picking a builder should not be rushed. You need to be comfortable and confident with your builder. A new home can take anywhere from 10 to 18 months to build. During that time you will be dealing with your builder sometimes on a daily basis. You will need to establish a good trusting relationship with them.

A new home is a very large investment and a long term project. Trust your instincts and do your home work. We are here for you and will help you anyway we can. We have a Find a Builder tool on our website for you to use. We are also here as a resource for your builder. Supporting builders that are constructing one of our designs is just one of the many services we offer. We are always excited to see one of our designs transformed into a great home for our clients.

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