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Flexible House Plans

June 01, 2018

Flexible House Plans

Flexible house plans are plans that have areas that can change easily. We are not talking about modifying a house plan, although that is always an option. When we say flexible, we are talking about a specific space in the house and how you choose to utilize that space.

Some areas of a house have only one use. A large living room that is open to the kitchen is not going to make a good office. And no one is going to turn a breakfast nook into a guest bedroom.

Get the Most from Your Plan

Flexible house plans with a study and bathroom

If you choose a house plan that features a den or office with its own bathroom, you’ve got yourself a flexible house plan. That den or office could also be an extra guest bedroom. Many people will add a fold-out couch or love seat to an office, making the last minute transition from office to bedroom a snap.

Use That Bonus Room

A house plan that has a bonus room located over a garage has loads of flexibility. That area can be left unfinished during construction. A young family can tap into that flexibility later on when a teenager wants, or needs, their own room.

Flexible House plans garage bonus room

Bonus rooms also make great in-law apartments for a multi-generational household. And let's not forget the option to make money. A bonus room can be a great “Airbnb” type space that could generate a small income.

Flexible Luxury

Not all flexible spaces are over garages or converted offices. A cabana is a space that is just dripping with flexibility. As an in-law suite, it can be great because of their ease of access. As an extra guest suite they can give your guests a real sense of privacy.

Older children returning home will enjoy the privacy and the feeling of independence a converted cabana can give. As with the office space, a cabana can be setup to quickly and easily be converted from a space of leisure to a competent living space.

Flexible house plan a stock plan with a detached cabana

Life is unpredictable and having a house plan that can roll with the punches can be a huge benefit. When searching for house plans make sure you look for plans with flexibility built-in.

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