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Cheapest House Plan Mods

June 04, 2018

Cheapest House Plan Mods

It can be hard to find the perfect house plan. Many times you can find a house plan that is close, but needs a little adjustment to make it your dream home. Other times you’d like to just make a few changes to customize the house to make it a little bit special. But modifications can be expensive. What are the cheapest modifications that can make a stock house plan special?

The key is to keep it simple. It is far too easy to go overboard when it comes to modifications. Before you know it, the cost of the changes is way outside your budget. What you need to remember is a little goes a long way.

A View Or Access?

One of the cheapest changes you can make is changing a window to a door, or vice versa. You would be surprised how this can change the character of a home. This might seem like a small change but a window changed to a door can be a powerful thing when that new door leads to a private outdoor patio or easy access to a pool area.

Cheapest House Plan Mods fancy windows

Add Some WOW

One of the most stunning features of any space can be the ceiling. Not many people think about modifying that area. But this is one of the 3 you can do that will add a lot of impact to your home. Adding a tray ceiling to a small bedroom can make that space seem larger and more interesting.

Cheapest House Plan Mods detailed ceilings

Get Back to the Basics

Not everyone has a need for or wants built-in features. While most people like fireplaces, not everyone would use them. Removing a built-in fireplace or bookshelves can be a very cheap modification. This can actually save you some money during construction. Removing built-ins simplifies the plan while cutting down on materials and labor. If specific built-ins are not important to your everyday life, this type of modification can be a great choice.

Cheapest House Plan Mods removong built-in features

Why Are They Inexpensive?

The one thing all these modifications have in common is their limited impact to the rest of the house. Doors, windows, ceiling details, and built-in features are not structural in nature. Removing or changing them doesn’t impact the stability of the home. The less impact a change has on the structural stability of the home, the easier and quicker it can be done.

Another factor is the exterior. When changes are made that will significantly impact the exterior of the home you will run into higher costs. Removing, or moving an interior load bearing wall can have a ripple effect that will change everything from the basement to the roof. When structural loads and exterior elements are affected, there is a lot of work needed to be done. It can take hours, and in some cases days, to simply determine if these types of modifications can be done safely.

Think Small For Big Results

When it comes to making a plan special and unique to you, and for your family, think small. Changing doors & windows, adding amazing ceiling details, and removing built-ins that aren’t part of your lifestyle can be the most effective choices. These things will be the cheapest way of customizing a plan. If you’d like more information, or if you have any questions about modifying a house plan, please reach out to us. We are here to help.

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