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Exterior Design Trends to Boost a Custom Home's Curb Appeal

July 20, 2022

Custom homes are a great way to ensure that your property has all of the fantastic details you want while also being able to sell at a fantastic price. Curb appeal is a massive reason why some buyers consider getting a property or not, so it's important to think about how you can boost this!

These are some of the most popular recent home design trends anyone can try to give their custom property a big boost in value!

Picking the Details

Sometimes the details can make a huge difference between whether a buyer is interested in a property or not: so it’s important to take the time to add them! These details can be anything from fantastic color choices: to your mailbox and lighting.

Put in the time to consider details, like house numbers that can look good and catch eyes from the street and windows and window shapes that look amazing as well. Things as simple as deciding on whether to add shutters, increase details on your gables, or add a garden window in your kitchen, can make a huge difference in how people view the home and what they think of it. 

Letting Your Porch Shine

Traditional Neighborhood House Plan

A fantastic porch is a great way to welcome people into your home and show off your personality. Consider options like whether you want a wrap-around porch, the type of space you'd like for seating, whether you want fans or not, and what other
porch ceiling ideas may intrigue you.

 Some like to use their porches as a nice pop of color on their home, painting the wood on it a bright red and allowing for it to look vivid and welcoming. You can also mix up different lighting styles and figure out what types of tools and options you need.

Allowing More Shady Spaces

Cabana House Plans

The exterior of properties is getting hotter and harder to handle: which is leading to more people being unable to spend time outside. The best thing you can do is create more shady spaces while building your home's layout. This means using tools like gazebos, pagodas, and awnings that will allow you a safe and shaded space to sit and feel the cool shade.

Shaded temperatures can be as much as twenty degrees cooler than the temperatures of areas in direct sunlight, so it’s vital that you make these spaces for yourself or any future buyers. 

Doing More Than Usual Siding

Tuscan Home Plan

Siding can get boring depending on the area you're in. Instead, a type of siding that's been making a splash in recent years, and has been used as far back as in ancient Greek gardens, is stucco! This beautifully textured surface will be gorgeous for anyone who wants their property to stand out.

 Going for EIFS stucco will ensure that your property lasts longer, looks better, and is capable of handling as many kinds of weather, and temperature fluctuations as your area can throw at them. 

Adding Better Walkways

To get the most use out of your property, it’s a good idea to consider the walkways you have surrounding your home.Ashlar pattern pavers can create a gorgeous design that encircles your home and makes natural paths to areas where you can sit outside, to your mailbox, and to a detached garage. 

 Look for walkways that are separated and patterned so that when cracks naturally occur over time, they'll simply settle in and look like part of the pattern of the walkway instead of as a large glaring issue. All sidewalks can eventually crack due to root growth, and freeze and warmth cycles, so it's a good idea to plan around this.

Encouraging Safety and Visual Interest at Night

Although some may assume night is when their property matters the least: adding visual interest to your home through spotlights is an awesome idea! Not only do these lights really show off the details, like moisture-resistant exterior paint you've put into your property, but they're also fantastic at keeping burglars and other criminals from trying to gain access to the property at night. Nobody wants to break the law while a giant spotlight is shining on them.

This will make whoever lives here feel safer while also boosting the property's curb appeal through the roof!

- Blog Written by Roger Marx

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