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3 Reasons Why Farmhouse-Style Homes Are Here To Stay

July 21, 2022

The farmhouse-style home is incredibly unique. Homeowners love the style because it highlights nature’s beauty and tries to bring that into the home through large windows, tall ceilings, exposed wood, and open living spaces. Homeowners have used the style for a long time, but that raises the query if they are out of style. Read on to learn three reasons why farmhouse-style homes will never go out of style.

It’s a Perennial Favorite

Farmhouse-style homes have been among the most popular since household construction kicked off. This makes it a very safe investment since its desirability is never in doubt. Americans love simplicity and livability. These homes have both in abundance. You can rest assured knowing that building a farmhouse-style home is a good decision, as you are in good company.

Embracing Nature

Another reason the farmhouse-style home is not going away anytime soon is that it embodies a timeless embrace of nature. Many other home styles have the space and ability for the homeowner to include natural elements, but this idea is intrinsic to the farmhouse-style home. These homes thrive by incorporating open living spaces with vast amounts of natural light, highlighting the natural elements in the home, like exposed wood. Many colors work with the farmhouse style, but you'll often find natural greens and blues, further highlighting the importance of nature.

It’s Simple and Uncluttered

Most people associate farmhouse-style homes with simplicity and uncluttered living. This may be because people don’t acknowledge the contemporary feeling farmhouse-style homes evoke. Their clean, unadorned facades and interiors allow the homeowner to decorate and create their own special personality. By providing ample storage to the owners, they achieve the uncluttered appearance often desired. Simple fireplace surrounds and built-ins add to the farmhouse-style vernacular.

These three reasons why farmhouse-style homes are here to stay prove that this style has more to love, even though some homeowners can take it to its extreme. These homes are perfect for first-time home buyers and those looking to build. At Sater Design Collections, we offer all kinds of farmhouse blueprints, so we can help you find the home of your dreams!

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