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Custom House Plan Designs

July 22, 2016

Custom House Plan Designs

So you’ve decided to have a custom house plan designed for you. The creation of your dream home can be both exciting and a bit daunting at first. Where to begin?

For over three decades, The Sater Group has been designing custom homes for homeowners around the world. Because of our extensive experience, this makes us uniquely qualified in this industry. We are one of the country’s most recognized residential design firms, and serving the needs of our clients is our top priority.

Understanding what to expect from the house plan design process can reduce the anxiety of such an important life decision. Below is a simplified overview of the steps in creating your custom home plan:

    1. Getting to Know You

      Because your new home is as unique as you are, we take the time to meet with you and learn about your needs. The first step is a phone call or face-to-face meeting in person or via technology. Your ideas and specifics about your project will be discussed. Afterwards, if there is property to be viewed, Dan Sater can meet with you or view the location remotely if desired.

        2. Creating a Floor Plan

          After the initial meeting and viewing the home’s future location, it’s time to discuss costs. Then, using all of the information gathered during the meetings, a preliminary sketch of the home will be created. This will be your starting point. The sketch will be sent to all parties involved and there will be back and forth discussions. This gives everyone the opportunity to comment on the design. As the project takes shape there are usually changes and revisions.

            3. Designing the Exterior

              Homes are designed from the inside out. Once the floor plan is complete, then the work starts on the exterior elevation.  This is when the design starts to take on character and your ‘dream home’ appears.

              Sometimes we will produce 3D renderings during this process if so desired by client. These renderings are a great way to visualize how the home will look once constructed. For example, below is a 3D rendering of a recent project.

                4. Completing the Plan Set

                  Once the design has been finalized, the project is completed in CAD (Computer Aided Design). When this process is complete, a final review will be done. This is the final set of plans that will be used in construction. All of the details discussed between the involved parties will be indicated on this set of plans.

                  Ready to get started?

                  For all of your home plan needs, The Sater Companies are at your service. In addition to The Sater Group, the Sater Design Collection is a pre-drawn house plan company with hundreds of stock plans available online and in full-color publications. Let us know how we can help you!


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