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4 Reasons You Should Build a Home on the Coast

June 24, 2022

Building a home is an exciting challenge, but there are a lot of factors to consider—the style, materials, expenses, and location, to name a few. Here are four reasons you should build a home on the coast for your next move.


Location is the most obvious reason to move to the coast, but it’s hard to deny its importance. Building a home on the coast affords you breathtaking waterfront views. On top of this, you can go out and watch the sunrise or sunset over the water every day. Waterfront access may give the added benefit of boating and other water oriented activities.


Many people choose to build their homes on the coast because they enjoy spending time outdoors. With a coastal home, you can most likely spend your time on your porch or patio and enjoy the sun. Taking advantage of coastal breezes and the outdoors is one huge benefit. The weather makes spending time outside easy, so if you are a fan of hanging out outdoors, building a coastal home is the right choice for you.

Resale Values

Coastal homes are also great options because they have historically been the most desirable properties and increased in value over time. The coast is an ideal real estate area, and as people get older and retire, they often want to move somewhere nice. A coastal home could be your retirement plan, but if it’s not, you can most likely sell your house for more than what you bought it for and then find the retirement home you want.

Health Benefits

A hidden benefit to living in a coastal home is it encourages a more active lifestyle, boosting your overall health. When you live near the ocean, you will likely swim and walk a lot more, spending more time outdoors. You can enjoy fresh sea air and sunshine living near the water. The sun and air help you feel calm and relaxed and sleep better. Vitamin D from the sun also helps fight stress, so even if you aren’t out in the water, you will see some incredible health benefits.

These are four reasons you should build a home on the coast, and there are many more waiting for you to uncover once you make the move. If you are unsure what kind of home you want to build, check out some coastal home plans from Sater Design Collections. We have a large selection so you can find the perfect home for your needs.

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