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3 Grand Plans for Large Lots

September 27, 2018

Three House Plans for Large Lots

If you have the room, why not stretch out a bit? We tend to forget that there is a lot of land out there. Sure, they are not making it anymore (land that is) but that doesn’t mean large expansive lots are impossible to find. And if you have the space, the best thing to do is use it wisely.

Here are three picks for house plans that need a large lot. They are by no means the only plans we have for larger lots, but each one of these has special features you’ll just love.

Extreme Southern Comfort!

large luxury stock house plan

The Huntington Lakes house plan is an amazing design that offers Southern contemporary inspiration throughout. You will need a wide lot as it will use up over 140 feet. With a porte cochere and enough garage space for 3 cars arriving home will be a pleasure. This house plan's unusual footprint makes for a very interesting and surprisingly relaxing feel. While it might have large open common spaces like the leisure room and the living room, it is not hard to find quiet private areas to hide away.

3 Bedrooms • 4 Baths • 6770 sq. ft. Total Living Space

inside views of the stock house planfloor plan of a stock house plan
Gorgeous at Any Angle!

stock house plan

An award-winning design, the Milano house plan is a spectacular home centered around one thing – views! This house is wide at 174 feet but that was done for a reason. Every major room in this house can take advantage of water views, or mountain views. The master suite, huge living room, breakfast nook, and the leisure room all have massive windows and retreating glass walls. Even the second floor’s loft is a great place to take in the sights.

5 Bedrooms • 7 Baths • 6648 sq. ft. Total Living Space

Going With The Flow!

The Molina house plan is a home that is perfect for entertaining and relaxing. Sure it’s facade has balustrades, cupolas, turrets, hipped roofs and barrel tile, making it a spectacular Colonial Revival manor. But more importantly this design flows seamlessly from indoors to outside. Looking past the 3 car garage, the huge master suite and master bath with its own private garden, the real attraction is the leisure room. With corner-less retreating glass walls, this space doesn’t just blur the lines between inside and out, it blows them away.

3 Bedrooms • 3 Full Baths • 2 Half Baths • 6340 Sq. ft. Total Living Space



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