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Small Home Plan Storage Options

March 23, 2016

When building a house from a small home plan, one thing to keep in mind is storage options. Whether downsizing out of necessity or by choice, it’s important to have ample space to store the things you need.

Transitioning to a Small Home Plan

The first step when learning to live smaller is to live more simply, and you can start this by decluttering. I know for me it was difficult (and it still is) when I think I might need something like that infrequently used food processor one day. Do you have home items that have gone unused for a couple of years? It might be time to reconsider whether it’s something you truly need to keep. You’ll be amazed at how much additional space opens up, as well as the freedom you feel when you let go by selling or donating.

Kitchen storage is always high on most lists of ‘must haves’. Here are some thoughtful and unique storage and space saving ideas found on our Pinterest boards.


Toe-kick drawers

Pull-out prep space

More convenient baking storage

“Dead” space made useful!

And if your small house plan has stairs, think of all the storage possibilities these drawers and pull-out shelves would provide.

Around the home, multipurpose furniture is a must when downsizing. Comfy ottomans can double as storage for most anything, and some even provide additional space for snacks and informal meals.


Baskets and old trunks are stylish storage alternatives and provide easy cleanup for DVDs, toys, and a host of other household items.


The most important way to ensure you have the space you need is to choose a small home plan designed with storage needs in mind, such as the Sater Design Collection’s “Alston” house plan.

This split plan has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The open concept main living spaces with high ceilings and large windows provide an open and airy feel, as well as views out to the veranda. These features, as well as built-in storage options including a pantry, multiple walk-in and linen closets, and a large utility room all contribute to a home that feels larger than its 1808 square feet.


Your specific home design needs are important to us at Sater Design. Whether you are downsizing or building a family home, we have hundreds of pre-drawn plansavailable online and in our many full-color publications. If a custom home design is what you desire, The Sater Grouphas over 35 years of experience in helping homeowners and builders around the world. How can we be of service to you?

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