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Start at The Bottom!

July 21, 2013

You gotta start at the bottom

“I love this plan but I need a basement. Can you change this foundation?” Almost any house plan can have its foundation changed. It’s common for people to require a different foundation if the available foundation options do not suit their needs. Our Sater Design modification team can make changes to any plan in order to accommodate your foundation requirements. If you are currently working with a builder, you may want to ask them what foundation type is required in the area where you will be building. Sometimes with foundation designs it may be helpful for a builder who is near you to suggest the appropriate foundation. They will have more knowledge about your local soil conditions and the slope of your lot. In certain conditions it may warrant engaging a soils engineer to analyze to soil and make a recommendation for a proper foundation type.

Sometimes is not the lot conditions but it has to do with future expansion. If a full basement is possible on your lot, its a great added benefit. You do not need to finish the basement at the time of construction. It will add more than just extra storage. It will increase the resale value.

If you need to add basement stairs, you may often be able to add them to a plan without increasing the size of the plan. However, sometimes space may need to be added to a plan to provide room for a basement stairs. Please give us a call and we can guide you through the process of determining the right foundation for your home. If you start at the bottom the rest of the house will fall into place.

It should be noted that it is the owner’s full responsibility to check with his/her local and state building authorities, his/her builder, and the designer of the house plan to ensure that the home meets all applicable building codes and requirements.

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