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New AutoCAD for Mac!

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New AutoCAD for Mac! Blog

A New AutoCAD Mac version has been announced by Autodesk. The new Mac version will include upgrades that will bring the Mac version almost equal to the Windows version.
Autodesk made changes to their computer-aided design software based on customer feedback. Autodesk’s main focus was aimed at cross-platform compatibility for mixed Windows and Mac environments. They focused on what they called the “big four” features in the 2015 version.

 The Big 4 Improvements to AutoCAD for Mac:

Dynamic Blocks: Mac users now have the ability to create and edit Dynamic Blocks with a new streamlined yet powerful tool. With Dynamic Blocks, users can build a single block that can be used repeatedly (such as for windows or doors) and simply adjusted in size or shape dynamically rather than creating a static block for each feature.
Layer States: Addressing one of the major barriers to cross-platform usage between Windows and Mac versions of AutoCAD, Mac users can now save layer information such as color, linetype and frozen/locked/off status.
Quick Select: This feature allows users to easily select objects based on queries, including multiple selection criteria. The feature also includes a new preview function to allow the user to see what objects match the criteria before committing.
Data Links: Users wishing to associate Excel spreadsheets with their drawings can now do so through Data Links. Changes to the spreadsheet will automatically the corresponding table in AutoCAD, making it easy to keep track of scheduling and costs on various projects.
Based on testing AutoCAD for Mac 2015 appears to be the most stable and fastest version so far, while adding a number of new features and taking care of several bugs and other issues.
Autodesk offers subscription plans that are designed to lower the barrier to entry for those looking to take their first steps into the company’s CAD software.
The full version of AutoCAD 2015 costs $4195. The more basic AutoCAD LT is priced at $1200, upgrades for current users run about $840. The subscription plan for full AutoCAD is priced at $210 per month or $1680 per year. The AutoCAD LT version is priced at $45 per month or just $360 per year.

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