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Reflected Ceiling & Electrical Plan (5 of 11)

April 09, 2015

Reflected Ceiling & Electrical Plan


Reflected Ceiling Electrical Plan

Not all house plan sets are the same. It depends on the size of the plan, a larger plan will require more sheets, smaller plans can fit more items on a single sheet. This example will show the Reflected Ceiling and Electrical Plan on the same sheet, but this is not always the case. But no matter how many sheets there are, you will always find these two items. Sometimes they will be on their own sheets, other times they will be combined.

The Reflected Ceiling details are usually not affected by local codes. While designed to comply with all current national codes, the Electrical Plan may need to be adjusted for local requirements. For the best results when building a Sater home you should follow these detail sheet as close as possible.

Reflected Ceiling Detail

Reflected Ceiling Detail

One of Sater home’s most distinguishable features is the highly detailed ceiling treatments. This section shows ceiling heights and treatments. It also shows the details, profiles and finishes of the ceiling treatments. Arches and soffits are also specified in this section. As with the Window and Door Schedules the Ceiling details will be called out with a number, then in the floor plan the specified reflected ceiling will be labeled with a specific number. You will find very few competitors provide this detail on their plans.

Electrical Plan

Electrical Plan

The electric plan can look very complicated. It is not really complicated, just busy. There is an Electrical Schedule which indicates and defines all the symbols that are used in the Electrical Plan. What is shown in the Electrical plan is the placement of switches, lights, outlets, phone outlets, TV outlets, exhaust fans, door bell, and ceiling fans, just about everything electrical.  The dashed lines that go all over the place show what light fixture or outlet is controlled by which switch.

We spend a lot of time on the layout of our lighting designs. We feel a home should have a well lit and thought out lighting plan. We treat each of these homes the same regardless of budget. While our typical lighting plan gives a well lit house, you can always choose to engage the services of a lighting designer for even more tailored lighting preferences.

The placement of outlets is governed by code. Your electrical contractor should be able to review the plan and tell you if any changes will be needed due to local codes. The only other item that might need to be addressed is the location of the electrical panel and the meter. Those things will be affected by where the power service is located and its approach to the house.

In our next installment we will be talking about the Floor Framing Plan.


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