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Building Sections & Interior Elevations (9 of 11)

May 01, 2015

Building Sections & Interior Elevations (9 of 11)

Building Section Interior Elevations

Building Sections are like cutting a birthday cake in half and looking at all the layers inside. One last cake analogy, as not all cakes are alike so too not all building sections will be alike. In the example shown here this plan doesn’t need but one building section. Other plans, depending on their size and complexity may have several building sections.

The purpose of a building section is to show the relationships between the different parts of the plan. We have gone over the foundation layout sheet and the floor plan sheet and the roof layout, but those sheets do not completely illustrate how those sections relate to each other. While the elevations show the finishes of the exterior walls, the building section illustrates the elevation of important interior spaces and connections. Details such as arches, staircases and more are best illustrated this way. The building section is used as a reference for the builder to help make more clear how all these different sections work together.

Interior Elevation Example

Interior Elevations

Many of our plans have built-in areas such as entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets, master baths, fireplaces, and built-in grills to name a few. These areas are detailed in the interior elevations. Sometimes, as with the example shown, the interior elevations will be on a sheet with other things like the building section. It depends on the size and complexity of the home plans whether the interior elevations will have their own sheet or not.

As with the exterior elevations these elevations are sometimes optional. You can always use the services of a dedicated interior designer or cabinet designer that will supply you with all the dimensional information needed. Our interior elevations are designed to be a guide for you and your builder. Not all home designers will include interior elevations but we feel it is important to supply you with the best and most complete set of home plans as we can. We feel these unique interior details are what set apart a Sater Designed home.

Next we will be going over the Material list. We will be telling you all about it and why you might want to get one before you buy a plan.

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