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Build Your Dream Home – Understanding Lot Restrictions

May 29, 2015

Build Your Dream Home - Understand Lot Restrictions

Choosing a lot on which to build your dream home? You’ve heard it before – the three most important aspects of marketable real estate are location, location, location.

City or country, subdivision or not? When searching for land on which to build your home, make sure you understand any lot restrictions, or deed restrictions, before breaking ground.

A deed restriction (also known as a restrictive covenant) is a provision in a deed that limits what can be built on a property. Such restrictions are often put in place to maintain a desired look of a neighborhood. These usually occur in planned developments, but can also be imposed by city and county governments. But wherever they originate, the scope of what some deed restrictions can control might be off-putting, so you should educate yourself on what you might want to avoid.

Here are a few examples:

1) Style of House

In some subdivisions, a uniform style is required for all homes in the neighborhood. One such style could be Craftsman homes, such as our Prairie Pine Court plan (#7083).

Prairie Pine Court Craftsman Style Home

Prairie Pine Court plan #7083

Restrictions could also include limiting the materials and colors that can be used on the exterior of the house.

2) Adjacent Structures

Builders and developers will often write into deed restrictions that they have the authority to approve plans for additions and new builds on the property. In urban neighborhoods and historic districts, strict requirements for design and placement on the property are commonly in place and require prior approval for structures, such as a detached garage. Take for instance our Two-Car Garage plan.

Two-Car Garage plan #6702

3) Building Fences

Good fences make good neighbors, but some of the strictest covenants involve the types and heights of fences that are acceptable. If you have animals that you want to contain or want privacy in your backyard for sunbathing and other activities, this restriction could limit your lifestyle.


4) Vehicle Storage

If you have a boat or RV, parking them at your home may be an issue in some communities, and adequate storageto house these vehicles may be a necessity in some cases.

Vehicle Storage - Garage

Four-car garage from Prairie Pine Court Plan #7083

If your real estate agent does not offer you a copy of the deed restrictions, you can find the information at the county courthouse. Make sure you read the restrictions closely, as you don’t want to get trapped in a covenant you strongly disagree with.

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