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Big Kitchen or Small: Current Popular Trends

June 09, 2015

Big Kitchen or Small: Current Popular Trends


For many people, the kitchen is the center of the home. Family and friends often seem to gravitate there, so it’s only natural to want a home plan that features the perfect kitchen to suit your needs. Sater Design’s spacious plans help make families large and small feel at home. In addition to practical kitchen spaces to prepare food, there are plans that feature countertop bars for extra seating, nooks, as well as formal dining areas. Families who enjoy cooking as well as entertaining can find a wide range of plans with spacious center islands and abundant countertops, as well as outdoor kitchens and dining areas. For a more relaxed alternative to a formal dining room, homes with a single dining space as part of a unified open floor plan are a current trend.

Our favorite kitchen trends of this year:

Painted Cabinets
Wondering what color to use? The kitchen industry’s leading manufacturers say white cabinets have never gone out of style and are easily associated with a clean and fresh kitchen. But simple cabinets with minimal ornamentation painted with warm finishes such as soft gray, green, and blue hues are big this year. Combining cabinet colors is a trendy look that is holding strong currently. The contrasting cabinet and island finishes in our “Megan’s Bay” kitchen pictured below are traditional without being fussy and modern without being cold, which strikes a happy balance between classic and fresh.

Megans Bay Kitchen

Megan’s Bay-Kitchen-Plan #6796

Some kitchen hardware manufacturers are also changing the way cabinet doors and drawers function, such as with hydraulic, easy-close doors that fold up and out of the way.

The popularity of integrated storage and streamlining options to make your kitchen clutter free is on the rise. In bottom cabinets, drawers are making a strong showing. They make it easy to stack items and to keep pots and pans in better order. Pullouts mean bottles aren’t lost in the back of the cabinet, toe-kick drawers add storage where there once wasn’t any, and built-in utensil trays keep flatware and baking tools in their places.

Deep Drawers Bellow Range for Pots and Pans

Deep drawer for pots and pans

Professional-grade Range
With options such as a flat griddle or a cooktop, one of the top kitchen trends for this year according to a Houzz survey is a professional-grade range.

Oak Island-Kitchen-Plan #7062

The kitchen, such as in our “Oak Island” plan, should certainly feel efficient and top of the line but with the comfort of a warm and inviting home. If you want your professional-grade stainless steel kitchen appliances to blend into your homey design, you could install double ovens side by side on an island, facing away from the dining area.

Reclaimed Wood
This is another “still holding steady” trend. The material nods to both the farmhouse and industrial style trends. Some kitchens go all out, but there are plenty of ways to be more subtle with your finishes, such as with reclaimed wood beams, a sliding pantry door, or on pillars.

Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed Beams

Countertops and Backsplashes
Granite is still at the top of the list, but quartz and tile are on the rise. For the baker extraordinaire, marble countertops are the best surface for rolling out dough and creating delectable treats.

Backsplashes of glossy ceramic, porcelain or glass tile in subtle or bold color combinations are a current favorite, such as in the “Arabella” plan below.

Arabella Kitchen

Arabella-Kitchen-Plan #6799

While kitchen trends come and go, the timeless home plans by Sater Design will always be in style. Let us help you find your dream home today!

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