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Wartime Inspiration: French Country Home Plans

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French Country Homes

Does your home style speak français? The style of French Country, or French Provincial, was inspired by rustic cottages and manors in the countryside of northern and southern France. It was soldiers returning from Europe after World War I who initially brought home the interest in this housing style. French Country home plans, such as the plans created by Sater Design, are still in demand today.

What Defines French Country?

Though the style has some typical defining elements, French Country architecture reflects a wealth of diversity. French Country home plans will typically exhibit a square, symmetrical shape and windows are balanced on either side of a front and center entrance. Alternatively, some French Country home plan styles are asymmetrical, with one or two protruding bay windows with varying roof heights. French Country house plans will also incorporate large porches, both front and rear, as found in many country manor homes in France. Brick, stone or stucco, or a combination, are the most popular choices for the exterior. Decorative shutters, wrought metal railings, and copper-topped window features are popular elements of this diverse style. A steeply-pitched slate roof is one of the most dominant characteristics of a French Country home plan.

With great open floor plans, French Country Home Plans are a practical choice for families that like to entertain. One such plan from the Sater Design Collection is the "Avignon", with 3117 square feet of "Old World" charm.

French Country Home Plan Avignon-Front Elevation-Plan #6769

Avignon-Front Elevation-Plan #6769

French Country Home Avignon-Rear Elevation-Plan #6769

Avignon-Rear Elevation-Plan #6769

The grand style of this plan is filled with French Country design details and open connections to a central courtyard with a fountain pool.

Especially impressive on large properties, French Country home plans range from grand estates to simple country cottages. Another plan from the Sater Design Collection is the “Chantel”, a smaller luxury farmhouse-style plan with an optional basement. The exterior of mixed siding and shutters adds an extra level of French Country charm to the home.

French Country Home Chantel-Front Elevation-Plan #7011

Chantel-Front Elevation-Plan #7011

At its roots, the French Country style is both rustic and elegant, exuding both warmth and charm. For the interior of a French Country home plans, a stone fireplace brings a relaxed flair to an elegant room, mixing formal and informal elements. Stone tile and hand-scraped wood beams are popular interior features, as well as curved archways and intricate molding details. Textures and tone-on-tone patterns in neutral finishes reflect an elegantly subdued European look.

Whether simple or elegant, large or small, the Sater Design Collection has a variety of luxury French Country and Farmhouse home plans to suit your family’s needs. If a custom home is your preference, let the professionals at The Sater Group translate your dreams to reality today!

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