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The Modern Home: Style and Function

Posted by Kelly Tripp on

The Modern Home: Style and Function

The most efficient use of space can be found in a modern house plan. The open floor plan styling that is typical of a contemporary home plan creates the perfect blend of form and function for entertaining. For your family, everyday living is easy in the casual elegance of a modern home plan.

The Benefits of a Modern Home

Whether it’s a large or small luxury home plan, getting the most out of your space is the trend. Here are some reasons why today’s modern house plans are so popular:

High ceilings: A typical modern home plan will feature high ceilings, enhancing the sense of space in the home and giving it an open and airy feel.

Open floor plan: There will generally be a large central area open to the kitchen and dining areas, allowing for unobstructed interaction with family and friends. Also with wider hallways and a more open layout, a modern home plan can easily be wheelchair accessible.

Lots of Windows: Most often there will be large windows that provide natural light, allowing an abundance of sunlight to stream into the home (which can reduce energy costs in the wintertime). Glass doors provide sunlight as well as linking the indoors to outdoor living spaces.

At Sater Design, our Modern House Plans feature contemporary detailing such as floor-to-ceiling window walls, clean and simple lines, maintenance-free finishes and more. Whether on a lakeshore, oceanfront, or mountainside setting, our open floor plans are designed to capture views and make its owners feel like they are immersed in their outdoor setting.

One of our best-selling modern house plans is our “Moderno” home plan, with 3507 square feet of clean, contemporary styling.

Moderno House Plan

Moderno-Front Elevation-Plan #6967

The Moderno’s great room opens to the rear with pocketing glass sliding doors, expanding the living space to the outdoors, featuring a fabulous veranda and outdoor kitchen.

Moderno Home Rear View

Moderno-Rear Elevation-Plan #6967

Check out our virtual walk through of the “Moderno”.

What are your thoughts on this large and lovely contemporary home plan? 

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