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Separate Guest Suites

Today families are increasingly connected. A home with a separate guest suite, sometimes called an in-law suite, can be a huge benefit. The extra space dedicated for the extended family is almost a requirement. Today multi-generational households are not unusual. However, it doesn’t have to be family members that can benefit from this feature.

Having friends and family stay with you is one of the great things about owning your own home. Giving them their own space makes them feel more at home. Sometimes guests can feel like they are imposing. But when they have their own separate guest suite, they will feel more comfortable.

Guest Suites can generate income

Let's not forget about making some money. The Airbnb company is worth about $38 billion.  Having a separate guest suite would let you tap into a bit of that. The guests, and you, will feel better not having to access the main house for their needs. If your family and friends only visit a few times a year, renting out that guest suite could be a great idea.

The Gavello house plan is a great example of a modest home with a separate guest suite. This 1892 square feet, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home has a guest suite that has access from the courtyard. This is also a great design for a narrow lot as it is only 40 feet wide.

The Avignon house plan is another example of a courtyard home that has a guest suite. This 3117 square foot home has a large guest suite with a full bath and a walk-in closet. This French Country home is ideal for multi-generational living.

Whether you have an extended family, have lots of friends that visit, or want to have a room to rent, a home with a separate guest suite is what you’re looking for. Dan Sater has been designing award-winning homes for almost 40 years. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in your search for your dream home.