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Farmhouse Home Plans

Originating in Europe, the Farmhouse was nothing more than a house built on farm land. At first the term Farmhouse was not considered a style but more of a way of life. By the 1700’s it had made its way to the farm lands of America, and by the 1930’s a new era had begun for the American Farmhouse.

In this collection of Farmhouse plans you will find some repeating features such as large front porches. These have very utilitarian roots. Large porches provided a place to keep firewood for cooking and heating dry and easily accessible. They offered a place to leave muddy boots after a long hard day of work in the fields. And just like today, they offered a place to just sit and relax.

Our Farmhouses, like the Farmhouses of old, offer large spacious kitchens ideal for large gatherings. Many of our house plans have generous walk-in pantries. However, unlike the Farmhouses back in a day that had low ceilings and narrow doorways, our Farmhouse plans have tall ceilings, open great rooms and wide doorways and halls.

Modern Farmhouse designs incorporate the cherished features of the past with more up-to-date elements. You don’t have to give up things like outdoor kitchens, built-in grills, master suite sitting areas, wine cellars, media rooms, and a wet bar to have that Country lifestyle feel.