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What Are the Characteristics of a Farmhouse-Style Home?

May 11, 2022

Part of what makes farmhouse-style homes so likable and prominent across the country today is that they are simple and easy for homeowners to design to fit their needs. In addition, the houses are very open and have quality features; this is what the characteristics of a farmhouse-style home are.

White Colors

One of the first things you may notice about many farmhouse-style homes is that they primarily have white walls, white doors, white cabinets, etc. There are also a lot of natural wood elements throughout these homes. Farmhouse-style creates a blank canvas for homeowners to fill with the décor and pops of color they prefer, making whites and other light colors perfect for achieving this goal. These colors also work great with natural light to make the whole house feel brighter.

Airy and Open

Another significant characteristic that defines farmhouse-style homes is their spaciousness. Thanks to an open floorplan, these homes are airy and let in a lot of natural light. Another way architects achieve this openness is by installing large windows—the standard for many farmhouse-style homes. These let in light and the outside breeze, which keeps air circulating within the house and prevents it from becoming stale.

Tall Ceilings

Many modern farmhouse-style homes also showcase tall ceilings. Traditionally, farmhouse homes were smaller and narrower, but as time went on, they started expanding, and one of the first things to change was ceiling height. Tall ceilings are great for aesthetics, but they also give guests and homeowners space to breathe instead of feeling claustrophobic and cramped. These ceilings also help create more room to accommodate large windows.

Big Porches

Another characteristic of farmhouse-style homes is their extensive covered porches. These spaces were originally built for practicality as they were used to store firewood and muddy boots, but now they are a wonderful area to sit, relax, and enjoy the weather. In addition, these spots are great for outdoor furniture such as rocking chairs and swings, and they are an excellent space for keeping guests entertained when the weather is pleasant.

These are some of the characteristics of a farmhouse-style home, but it takes many more details to create these spaces and make them cohesive. If you are interested in finding farmhouse plans for your new home, check out Sater Design Collections Inc. We have many beautiful plans with more up-to-date elements than you can find anywhere else.

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