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The Different Types of Modern House Styles

May 25, 2022

Historically, homes have had one common purpose, family shelter. They are where parents raise kids and where folks longingly return to at the end of the workday. Originally, houses were only meant to protect against the elements. As time progressed, they turned into more aesthetic ventures where comfort is valued. Here are only a few of the different types of modern house styles where comfort and relaxation are central.


Contemporary or Transitional homes are one of the fastest growing house styles, and it is because they are so clean and open. These homes are a great empty canvas for anyone to move into. They have clean lines and lighter wood, inspired by minimalist Scandinavian and Prairie sensibilities. More than this, though, contemporary homes are a melting pot of styles like mid-century modern, farmhouse, and boho.


Cottage-style homes have roots tracing back centuries, but artisans have continually refined their design. These home designs are smaller than average because they emphasize the nature around the home and feelings of coziness. Cottage-style homes are incredibly functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable at the same time!


Modern ranch-style homes are unique in their design, as they are generally asymmetrical, one-story, and have a low-pitched roof. Windows are more strategic, letting in the perfect amount of light, and the home is typically open concept with a central room containing a beautiful fireplace. A popular ranch style is the Prairie style which emphasizes strong, horizontal lines blending in with the prairies on which they were placed.


Today, farmhouse homes are one of the most common modern house styles, and it’s clear why. These homes boast a lot of natural light, and they capitalize on an open and airy feel. They have simple white and gray tones and broad porches and verandas. Farmhouse homes typically have simple exposed wood details, emphasizing a rural lifestyle. Rooms in farmhouse-style homes tend to be very spacious and are great for entertaining guests and larger families.


One of the more popular modern home styles seen today is craftsman homes. These homes utilize many natural materials such as wood and stone. In addition, they reflect rich details and woodworking, hence the “Craftsman” name.

These were only a few of the different types of modern house styles, and since there are so many, you are sure to find one that works for you. If you are in the market for some modern luxury floor plans, take a look at Sater Design Collection Inc. We have some beautiful plans and designs to fit your specific wants and needs.

3 Responses

Tramaine forrest
Tramaine forrest

October 19, 2023

i want to buy this house

Steven Airhart
Steven Airhart

July 07, 2023

I love this home design. Is it possible to see the interior plan? How many sq ft? How many bedrooms/baths?

Loren Murray, PE
Loren Murray, PE

January 23, 2023

For the different types of modern home styles, it would have been helpful to see images/photos/renderings of each of the styles to compare and contrast. Verbal descriptions can still be subjective to the reader. Thank you overall for a very nice website. /LM/

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