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The Advantage of a Pre-Drawn Plan

July 10, 2019

The Advantage of a Pre-Drawn House Plan

There are so many different decisions to make when building your new home - some tedious, some exciting, but all very important. With so much to think about, it can be tough to find where to start when beginning this process.

Finding your location and setting your budget is the first big step in moving forward, which will influence the rest of the house building process. You no doubt already have ideas in your mind of what you might want - the amount of bedrooms, the type of windows, that dream jacuzzi tub you’ve always wanted. But do you go with a custom plan or a pre-drawn plan? This can be a tough decision when you want to get things just right, however, there are many advantages of using a pre-drawn plan over a custom plan.

bathroom of a pre-drawn house plan

The Work Is Already Done

Pre-drawn plans bring the ideas to you, so your ideal home may already exist and you didn’t even know! You can browse through designs you may not have considered - like a cost cottage or grand Mediterranean-style houseor discover a whole new style. Being able to clearly see exactly what you’re getting before investing offers security and peace of mind when making your final decision.

living room of a pre-drawn house plan

Sooner Rather Than Later

When creating a custom plan, the process of designing it to your specifications and standards can be a long and time-consuming one. It can actually take up to ten times longer to develop a custom plan. However, pre-drawn plans can get you closer to your goal much faster, allowing you to get on with building and moving into your new home. For those wanting to sell their current home or relocate quickly, a pre-drawn plan is the smart option.

Money In The Bank

Purchasing a pre-drawn plan, even having it modified to your specifications, can be significantly cheaper than a custom designed plan. Did you know a custom plan can end up costing 10% of the total construction costs? A pre-drawn plan can save you a ton money and still offer flexibility to suit your needs.

floor plans of a pre-drawn house plan


Many people go into the process of having custom plans drawn up without realizing the full extent of what they’re entering into - the high expense, the lengthy process, not to mention the stress and long consultations to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want.

There’s a misconception that pre-drawn plans are cookie-cutter designs that will be identical to other homes built using that plan. The reality is there are thousands of pre-drawn home plans that are available and can be modified to whatever you desire. Buying a pre-drawn plan lets you live in that unique home you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the time and cost of having a custom plan developed.

However, if the idea of a pre-drawn house plan still does not appeal to you, please check out Sater Group, Inc. for more information on our custom homes.

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