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Should You Build in a Gated Community

June 15, 2017

Should You Build in a Gated Community

I have designed many homes in my career. A fair number of them have been built in gated communities. I myself have built several of my own homes in a gated community. Here are a few things you should know.

In the past 35 plus years, I have had the opportunity to be part of the design of a number of gated communities. The one thing that most people like about these communities is also one of the most complicated things, the over all aesthetics. A well designed community will create an atmosphere that is very welcoming and comforting while at the same time look totally natural. From experience, I can tell you that is not easy to do.


Should You Build in a Gated Community - Supplied Home Designs


They Supply the Home Designs:

Some communities will limit the design of homes built within it. You will be given a choice of a few different designs with options for each. At first, you might think that is limiting but it's really not. When you start comparing the different plans with the different options you will quickly see there are countless unique combinations that can be made.

The benefit of a community that limits your choice of home design does remove a lot of the headaches, but at a cost. There is something to be said for doing the hard things, for going the extra mile. Building the home you want in the neighborhood you want to be in can be very satisfying.


Should You Build in a Gated Community - You supply the home design

You Supply the Home Design:

If the developer or community allows you to build your own design, you will still be faced with community regulations. These can sometimes be very complicated, I should know, I’ve written a few. The important thing is to read them and ask questions.

If the rules and regulations go over your head, don’t worry, you have options. Many designers, like myself, have lots of experience with gated communities and their regulations. You can use us as a resource for helping to find a home plan that will fit within your needs.


Should You Build in a Gated Community - Meeting the regulations

Meeting All the Rules

Many times a stock house plan will not meet all the rules and regulations, but don’t fear. Any home plan can be modified. Of course we’d prefer you purchase one of our plans and have us modify it accordingly, but most home designers can modify a home plan for you. The important thing is to understand the regulations and have experience working with communities to meet them. And again, not to blow our horn too much, but we have extensive experience doing this.


The restrictions don’t just stop at the home design. There could be square footage restrictions, height restrictions, and garage and parking restrictions. They may even cover such things as the paint color and the type of roof tiles and siding you can use.


Should You Build in a Gated Community

By now you might be thinking why bother with all that. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through. And honestly it can be. But many times it is well worth it. You need to remember that everyone in the community is bound by the same rules. What that results in is the type of neighborhood look and feel that you can’t get anywhere else.

Building within a gated community might seem like a daunting task at first, but with a little perseverance and some help from some professionals (like myself) the end product will be spectacular.

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Jeanne Phillips
Jeanne Phillips

October 05, 2017

I am contacting Sater Designs as President of a Home Owners Association, a townhouse community, in Rochester, NY. We are interested in becoming a gated community. At this time we’ve reached out to local contractors and have collected pricing for running electrical lines, building stone columns, etc. but we are having difficulty finding a local company who can provide us with the security we need to operate a potential gated community. For example, how to the home owners get past the gate, and the pizza delivery guy? What happens if the gate breaks down and people cannot get out to go to work? Who do we call? And what will all of this cost?

Can you offer any information that might help us in our research?

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