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Outdoor Kitchens are a Must Have!

March 26, 2018

Outdoor Kitchens are a Must Have!

Outdoor kitchens might seem like a luxury item at first glance. But the savvy home builder can see the advantages. There are many ways you can benefit from having an outdoor kitchen.

It is common knowledge that kitchens and bathrooms are the best bet when it comes to ROI (return on investment). This is true for renovations as well as in new construction. But does an outdoor kitchen yield the same ROI?

Historically a ROI of anywhere from 70% to 80% is typical when it comes to kitchen renovations. The simple answer for outdoor kitchens is no. There are many studies out there that claim a well designed and constructed outdoor kitchen can yield a ROI of 100% to 200%.

Outdoor Kitchens SAVE money!

When you cook inside your house you are adding heat to the space. This makes your air conditioning system work harder, costing you more money. Buy cooking outside you are not adding any heat load to the house. Also, people are heat engines themselves. With everyone outside enjoying a great meal the house can stay cooler for less.

Having any meal outside is like eating out without the hassle and cost. With an outdoor kitchen you can spend your money on fresh healthy food to prepare outside and not on gas and taxes and tips. Food prepared outside always tastes just a little bit better.

Outdoor Kitchens Enhance the Quality of Life!

Outdoor Kitchens are great for your lifestyle

Many people with outdoor kitchen say the best part of having one is the fun they have with family and friends. Entertaining outside is a great way to relax. For people that enjoy throwing parties and entertaining it is a great way to enhance any party and create cherished memories.

For people that enjoy a more quiet life, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying the first meal of the day outside in the fresh air or enjoying your dinner while watching the sunset.

You Don’t Know You Need One Until You Have One!

Outdoor Kitchens add value to your home

What are patios for? Relaxing, sure. Sitting and reading, maybe. But a lot of people find that they do not utilize the outdoor space as they thought they would. By making it easy and convenient to use, you will use it more.

An outdoor kitchen turns the outdoor space into part of the house. It is not uncommon for people with outdoor kitchens to cook almost all their meals outside. And that is not just during the summer season.

If properly built, an outdoor kitchen can be used all year round. There are plenty of people in the far northern climates that use their gas grills year round. There is just something special about enjoying a delicious grilled meal in the dead of winter.

A Plan With An Outdoor Kitchen is a Great Investment!

Outdoor Kitchens are a good investment

With all the benefits of having an outdoor kitchen it only makes sense to pick a house plan that features one. We have a lot of plans, over 130 in fact, with great outdoor kitchens. Finding one that is just right for you should be easy.

However, if the house plan you have fallen in love with doesn’t have an outdoor kitchen, that is not a problem. Most of our plans can be modified to add an outdoor kitchen. And during construction is the best time to add one because it will be cheaper to build which will enhance your ROI down the road.

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