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Flip That Plan!

December 07, 2017

Reversing a house plan can save money and solve issues

I don’t mean “flip” as in resell that plan. I mean flip as in changing the plan to be a mirror image of itself, reversing the plan. Doing so can bring about a lot of changes and solve a lot of problems. And it is one of the cheapest ways to modify a plan.

One of the biggest issues with building a new home is getting a house plan to fit on your lot. Unfortunately, not everyone has acres and acres of land to build on. Most times people are building in very regulated areas with very standard sized and shaped lots.

Plan Doesn't Fit!

Most of the time, house lots are large enough for most home designs. But sometimes the lot shape can be tricky. Corner, cul-de-sac lots can be odd pie shaped things. They can be especially difficult to fit a home plan on. Flipping the plan can sometimes allow you to fit an even larger house on an oddly shaped lot.

Reversing a plan can solve a lot of issues

Besides the size and shape of the lot there are things like utilities and street access to consider. Flipping a house plan can help line up access to water and sewer (or septic) to where it is designed to connect to the home.

Street access can also be a consideration. The house plan may fit on the lot, and the utilities may not be an issue, but street access might be. Flipping the plan might line up the best street access to the garage. Optimizing the coming and going can make a big difference in how a house lives.

It Is All About The View!

Even if the utilities, the street access and even the lot size and shape are not an issue you still might wan to flip that house plan. What about the view! Flipping a house plan can help optimize the ability of the plan to take full advantage of the lot's views.

Even if your lot’s shape, size, views, utilities, and street access are not an issue, flipping a plan can help make it unique. It can set it apart with a unique curb appeal.

Reversing a house plan is definitely the least expensive way of making a modification. It can solve problems, enhance the curb appeal, and make your home unique.

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