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Find Your Dream Home

December 09, 2016

Fond Your Dream Home

So, you’re ready to build your dream home. Maybe you have hundreds of photos and home ideas saved on Pinterest, but you’re still not sure where to start. This is where the experts at The Sater Design Collection can help!

One feature on our website to assist you is a guide called “Find My Dream Home”. This takes you step by step on how to find the perfect home plan for you and your family.

Let's Get Started!

#1 - Which home plan style do you prefer?

You can select from various styles, such as European and Craftsman. If you’re not sure, just click “I like them all”.

#2 - What best describes your current family needs? 

Are you a growing family, or do you need to downsize?

#3 - How do you like to entertain in your home?

Are your gatherings casual, or do you prefer formal entertaining?

#4 - What size home are you looking for?

Here you can estimate the approximate square footage you need.

#5 - Regarding the master closet...

The all-important space! Is this something you want to share, or keep all to yourself?

Then just click “Find a Dream Home” and voila, your search is narrowed to home plans that meet all your criteria!

Simple, right? Well, what if the house plan you choose is not quite perfect, but almost? That’s where our Modification Consultation comes in. With a few changes, the almost perfect plan can become your dream home.

Here at Sater Design, we have hundreds of pre-drawn house plans from which to choose. But what if a custom home is what you desire? The Sater Group has been designing home plans for families worldwide for over 30 years. When it comes to YOUR dream home, you can trust our experience and dedication to serving your home plan needs.

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