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Everything You Need To Know About Coastal-Style Homes

December 22, 2022

There are plenty of home styles in the world, but one that stands separate from the rest is the coastal style. These properties are notable because of their proximity to the water, and this proximity brings with it many unique design choices. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about coastal-style homes and their appealing designs and features.

Open Layout

A significant component of coastal-style homes is their open layout. Living on the coast or next to some water means you’ll enjoy plenty of natural light and some wonderful breezes coming off the water. These homes have big windows, open doors, and an open floor plan to fully take advantage of the nearby scenery. This floor plan eliminates barriers that otherwise get in the way of a breezy and flowing home.

Without too many walls or other furniture and decorative elements in the way, the breeze can flow throughout the entire house and reach even the farthest rooms. Designing the home in this way makes previously neglected spaces, such as home offices or hallways, feel so much better to spend time in. As a result, the entire home feels more cohesive and comfortable.

Tropical Elements

An important thing you need to know about coastal-style homes is that you need to almost always include lush landscape elements in your design. These homes are magnificent, and to make them look and feel even better, you mustn’t forget to include these green features. A beautiful garden, palm trees, and hedges form an important part of the landscape design and contribute to the overall cohesion of your home.

In addition to focusing on these elements outside of the home, you must give them the proper attention they deserve in the home. Plants thrive in the sunny, breezy environment these homes curate, and you are doing your coastal-style home a disservice if you don’t include greenery in your design.

Design Freedom

Many coastal-style homeowners choose to decorate their spaces with coastal-style decorations. For these homeowners, a love of coastal living can mean that every nook and cranny is full of:

  • Seashells
  • Decorative sand
  • Nautical designs
  • Aquatic life-related decorations
  • Wicker furniture

All this decor is pleasant, but focusing too much on a theme can feel overbearing at times. Some coastal-style homes are shifting away from more kitschy and saccharine decorations and starting new interior design trends. More homeowners are embracing traditional design elements that add to the overall mood of the home, not decorations that overwhelm the senses.

Minimalist Design

One design philosophy that works incredibly well with coastal-style houses is minimalism. More and more homeowners are embracing minimalism, which has a unique set of pros and cons compared to other design philosophies. This style can feel as if you’re not decorating, but when you do things in a low-key way, you allow the world around you to act as the decorations.

For example, instead of putting up paintings of beaches and water, a minimalist home encourages everyone to look outside and enjoy the same feeling. You capture many of the same aesthetics as you do with the other decorations, but a minimalist interior feels much more spacious and open. Having room to breathe is fantastic in any home, but it feels great when you’re coming in from a day on the water and want to relax!

You Aren’t Restricted by Color

Much like design, there’s the misconception that the only colors you can choose from for your coastal-style home are neutral sandy tones and blues that complement the water. This color scheme does work, but it’s not the only option for coastal-style houses. You have some freedom to experiment and find the right color palette for your vision.

For example, you can go all out with natural woods and sun-faded colors. This choice creates a cohesive feeling that is comforting to have in your home, but it can sometimes feel a little lifeless. It’s vital to break up these natural tones with something more tropical. The colors you most often see disrupting these natural tones are deep blues, which still fit with the water-side aesthetic. You’ll see plenty of cerulean, navy blue, and more icy tones in homes that take this approach.

In addition to blues, many other coastal-style homes now embrace coral tones or pale greens. These colors bring a lot to the home, contributing to a feeling of relaxation and comfort by not being too off-the-wall or disruptive to the coastal experience.

Open the Windows

Another aspect of coastal-style homes that you should keep in mind is the immense importance of natural light. Natural light is something every homeowner should want in their property, but it’s not always as available when living next to the water. This natural light is essential for helping the interior of your home feel welcoming and airy. Home designers tend to embrace open floor plans that work well with large windows and open doors to outdoor spaces. This openness creates a freeing feeling, and the natural light contributes as well.

Many coastal-style homes have large windows, glass doors, and skylights. These features bring in natural light and reduce the need for more artificial and cold lighting. In addition, many coastal-style homes have decks and patios with large doors that you can slide open to eliminate the barrier between the outdoors and indoors.

To help with the natural light, most homeowners use several different whites and other white shades. These tones help reflect the natural light and keep the home well-illuminated. When winter arrives, many homeowners embrace warm artificial light to compensate for the lost daytime. Warm light is not the same as natural light, but it captures much of that same ambiance.

There’s a lot to learn about coastal-style homes, but it doesn’t take much to fall in love with them. These homes have a unique charm and feel that draws buyers in, but finding the right one is difficult. Thankfully, we can make that home hunt easy here at Sater Design Collection! We have a variety of luxury waterfront house plans to choose from; let us help you create a wonderful place to call home.

Everything You Need To Know About Coastal-Style Homes

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