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Dream Home Bathroom Sinks and Faucets

Posted by Kelly Tripp on

dream home bathroom sinks and faucets

There are many new bathroom sink and faucet options on the market for your new home or remodeling project. Gone are the days of only a few style and finish choices.

Adding new hardware is the easiest way to create eye-catching appeal to your bathroom. With transitional and contemporary styles leading the way, many new bathroom sinks and faucets are far from ordinary. Take for instance this beautiful Mediterranean design sink and faucet that would be ideal in your Sater Design Collection home.

Mediterranean Seashell Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink and Seville Faucet Set for your home.:

Finishes of oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel continue to be in high demand. Two 'new' metals for bathroom faucets, brass tones and warm copper, are coming back with modern and retro styling. The matte brass finish is my current favorite. This finish creates a warm contrast to a modern bath, especially against white tile, as shown below:

 Gold/brass accents. Believe it or not folks, these finishes are back! Love the contrast.:

When it comes to bathroom sinks, there is no need to limit yourself to standard porcelain. Using natural materials such as stone, wood, and even concrete are trending this year. These materials add an earthy element to your design in addition to creating a unique showpiece for your home.

  Rectangle grey concrete sink and steel faucet with brown wooden base.:

The shape of your bathroom sink is another option, such as the trough style shown above and the pedestal trough below in Sater Design’s “Belcourt” home plan. These extra-long sinks are styled to appeal to today’s consumers who are looking for a modern and space-saving alternative to two separate basins.


Some of today’s newest bathroom faucet designs complement the spa-like feel that homeowners crave. Pfister’s Jaida faucet is my choice for modern design and function, delivering water with a calming waterfall effect.

Pfister Jaida Single Control 4" Centerset Bathroom Faucet, Brushed Nickel - Bathroom Sink Faucets -

What does your dream bathroom look like?

When considering building a home, it’s the details that matter. In every room of the house, whether it’s a pre-drawn home plan in the Sater Design Collection or a custom home by The Sater Group, our design experience makes the difference. How can we help you?

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