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Differences Between Classic and Modern Farmhouse-Style Homes

December 08, 2022

The farmhouse is among the most popular home styles, taking the country by storm! There’s a lot to love with these home styles, and many customization options are available to explore. Because there is so much potential, you can have a traditional or a more modern farmhouse, depending on your preferences. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between classic and modern farmhouse-style homes.

Classic Farmhouse-Style

The classic farmhouse, also referred to as a farmhouse-style home, emphasizes simplicity and function. The decorations in these homes are minimal, as the homeowners focus more on practicality. Some may think this design philosophy results in an uglier home that’s not fun to live in, but the opposite is true. Instead of decorations on every wall, the designers behind these homes highlight earthy colors and natural textures. The classic farmhouse is timeless and doesn’t follow trends. By following this style, you have something that can last your whole life without needing constant design changes to meet your desired aesthetic.

Modern Farmhouse-Style

In contrast to the classic farmhouse-style homes, the latest versions give more time and attention to modern design. The minimalist philosophy isn’t entirely abandoned but brought into the 21st century. A classic farmhouse is functional and looks good, but designers ask, “Can we elevate the functionality and simplicity of these homes?” Some designers will fill the home with different decorations, but a true modern farmhouse sticks to its roots. Instead of only including natural textures and earthy colors, you can complement them with:

  • Stainless steel
  • Granite countertops
  • Sleek lighting
  • Complementary colors

These elements alone don’t completely transform the home, but they give it a feel and aesthetic you can find in many other modern homes.

The Key Differences

After understanding the basic differences between classic and modern farmhouse-style homes, it’s easy to see why such a distinction exists. Both homes emphasize functionality and minimalism but achieve them through different methods. The classic style achieves this with weathered wood. You can find some neutral colors to accompany the wood throughout the home.

In a more modern farmhouse, you will find darker and lacquered woods and some complementary colors, not just neutrals. You’ll also typically see more decorations and a greater use of metal accent pieces.

Whenever choosing a farmhouse-style home, you must know the differences between classic and modern versions to find the perfect form. In addition to knowing these differences, you must find some terrific farm-style house plans to get a solid basis for construction. That’s where we come in. Here at Sater Design Collection, we have all the plans you need to start building your dream home today!

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