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A Small History of Cottages

December 05, 2019

The word cottage invokes the image of a small, cozy, inviting home somewhere in the countryside. Traditionally cottages were built in rural or semi-rural areas, sometimes alongside water such as rivers or lakes. Having existed for many centuries, cottages bring together a homely aesthetic with character and functionality. Although cottages today are very different from their predecessors, they still share that quintessential quaintness that has kept them popular for so long. Here is a brief history on this iconic house:

The word “Cottage” originates from England where they were very common in the English countryside. Early cottages contained a ground floor, with the roof space being used for bedrooms.

  • Cottages were built during the Middle Ages for farmers and their families. They were small abodes, often being referred to as “huts”.
  • These farmers were known as “cotters” which means peasant farmer. During this period, referring to a cottage meant a small farmhouse with accompanying land, but we now use the word to mean a type of house.
  • Later on, cottages became a “two-up-two-down” layout, meaning two rooms upstairs and two rooms downstairs. This has evolved over the years, where cottages have became larger and more elaborate but still frequently retaining those original design features that kept them popular for so long.
  • Cottages have become a popular holiday home in some parts of the world, like the United States and Scandinavia.
  • Used as summer homes often near water or resorts in the United States, many people use their cottages for weekend getaways or relaxing vacation spots.

small cottage

Even today, cottage house plans remain very popular for their relaxing atmosphere and quaint appearance coupled with modern conveniences and luxurious facilities. Sater Design has a number of beautiful cottage house plans available, which can be modified to suit your lifestyle, family and needs. For a peaceful vacation house or warm, family dwelling - consider our cottage house plans for your new home.

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