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A Quick Overview of Mediterranean Revival Architecture

April 08, 2022

Mediterranean Revival architecture is wonderfully charming, spacious, and elegant. Because this architectural style continues to grow in popularity every year, many people use our Mediterranean house plans to incorporate it into their dream homes. To help you learn more, here’s a quick overview of Mediterranean Revival architecture.

What Is Mediterranean Revival Architecture?

You’re probably wondering what Mediterranean Revival architecture is. This style of architecture resembles a Mediterranean villa and aims to capture the beauty of coastal life. Many of its distinguishing features originate from overseas locations, such as Spain, France, Greece, Morocco, and Italy.

Features of Mediterranean Revival Architecture

Due to its gorgeous and distinct features, it’s easy for anyone to identify Mediterranean Revival architecture. Some common characteristics of this type of architecture are archways, awnings, bell towers, red terracotta roofs, wrought iron fixtures, and white stucco walls. Impressive patios, lush courtyards, and blooming gardens are a few exterior features that you’ll find next to many of these houses. If a Mediterranean Revival home is in a warm location, it’ll often feature palm trees, which call back to the style’s regional influences. Additionally, you’ll notice that these buildings are very spacious and grand, capturing the carefree and luxurious coastal lifestyle.

Popular Places for Mediterranean Revival Architecture

Because Mediterranean Revival architecture aims to capture and enhance the beauty of coastal life, you’ll often find it along the coasts of the US. Florida and California are states where this Mediterranean architecture is most popular. However, it can look stunning anywhere, so you’ll also find it in other places across the country.

And that’s the end of our quick overview of Mediterranean Revival architecture. If this type of architecture has caught your attention, use it to build your dream home. Here at Sater Design Collection, you’ll find plenty of Mediterranean-style homes. To learn more about this architectural style or our home plans, browse our website today.

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April 17, 2023

great house.
am interested in a 3 bedroom house of this type. plalease let me have more samples.

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