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7 Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room And Create Space

January 08, 2020

7 Ways To Decorate A Small Living Room And Create Space

7 wats to decorate a small living room

Are you planning to decorate your small living room and create space? If yes, then you are making the right decision. If your living is congested, then the best way to decongest it is by implementing creative remodeling ideas. The living room is where you probably spend most of your time when you are at home. It is also the place where your guests get to relax when they visit you. It is, therefore, essential to make it attractive and homely both for your family and guests.

Living room decoration not only gives your home a new look but also creates a lovely, inspiring, and warm environment. When it comes to living room remodeling, essential things to consider include; paint color for the walls, how you need to arrange your accessories, and the types of furniture that you need to include and your style. Below are seven ways to decorate a small living room and create space.

1. Arrange your furniture wisely

More often than not, the furniture usually takes the lion’s share, as far as the living room space is concerned. So how you arrange your furniture in the living room matters a lot. Most people usually push their sofa sets and chair against one wall to save space. However, that is not a wise idea. If you want to save space, then you need to identify a focal point, create conversion area as well as consider traffic flow in the living room.

2. Choose the right paint color

The color that you paint the wall will not only determine how appealing your living room will look but will also determine how big it will look. To make your room look bigger, experts recommend that you use very dark or very light colors. These colors create depths and the illusion of a bigger space.

3. Use larger decorative items

Research has shown that using plenty of small decorative items makes the living room look smaller. So when decorating your living room, ensure that you use few but larger decorative items. More so, use the triangle rule when decorating things like nightstands, coffee tables, and dining tables. Also, limit decor groupings in furniture to about 3-5 items.

4. Choose functional decor

When decorating a small living room, it is advised that you choose decor that also acts as a storage space. For instance, when selecting furniture, it is wise to choose one that also has storage cabinets where you can store things such as books. This will not only make your home look good, but it will also save space. Also, choose furniture with exposed legs to create more additional storage beneath.

5. Install hanging shelves

Hanging shelves will not only make your living more attractive but will also create much-needed space. You can use the hanging shelf to store things such as books and decor. Instead of crowding items on the floor, a hanging shelf will help save space besides making your room look stylish.

6. Install a large rug

Installing the right rug in your living room will not only improve its appearance but will also make it look bigger. Unlike smaller rugs that break the floor, thus making the room feel disjointed, large rugs don’t break the floor visually, hence making it look bigger. Also, all the furniture in the living room should sit on top of the carpet.

7. Display large art on the wall

Living room decoration without the right pieces of art will not be complete. However, that does not mean that you should fill the entire wall with beautiful artwork. If your living room is small, then it is advised that you hang large scale art instead of smaller art. This will help make the room look bigger and less crowded. Don’t fill the entire wall with art; instead, leave some space in the wall blank to prevent the room from feeling too cluttered.

In conclusion, decorating the living room smartly not only helps to improve its appearance, but it also makes it look bigger. However, make sure that all the changes that you make in your living room blends with your style.