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5 Facts About Courtyard Homes

October 16, 2019

The basic concept of the courtyard home is an open space surrounded by the walls of a structure creating a private area. Courtyards are often adorned with gardens, fountains, pools or outdoor fireplaces. This style of home is very popular as it allows people to easily enjoy outdoor living whilst providing a luxurious, personal space to relax and entertain in. This popular style of home has a long history - here are five interesting facts about courtyard homes:

Courtyard Homes Ancient Origins

It is believed the origin of the courtyard home originates from China and Iran, sometime around 3000 B.C. Allowing for both privacy and safety, the courtyard provided an area for cooking, gardening, working, playing and sleeping. The invention of this style also provided security to prevent prized livestock being stolen or attacked by wild animals.

Fired Up Innovation

Long before the invention of modern heating, people would need to continuously kindle a fire in the centre of their homes in order to provide much needed heat. Eventually, holes were added into ceilings in order to vent smoke out of the structure. This design, born from necessity, eventually evolved into the modern courtyard style we use today.

stylish cool courtyard

Courtyards are Stylish & Cool

Courtyards provide a cool, shaded area encouraging plentiful air circulation, giving occupants an accessible, personal space for relaxing in. For this reason, courtyards are very popular and can often be found in countries with warmer, temperate climates. Foliage is often used in courtyards to provide additional shade and decoration.

Light It Up

However, courtyards can also be used to provide natural heat and lighting, especially during colder months. By making use of a more open layout and installing windows facing the courtyard in the direction of the sun, you can make better use of your environment to harness natural warmth and light.

timeless classic courtyard home

Courtyards are Timeless and Classic

This ever popular design is being used by architects and builders to create safe, open spaces for people to relax, entertain and live comfortably in. The appeal of a functional space providing privacy and security as well as being customized however you like, be it a pool, sculpture or being the main focal point of your home - courtyard homes are sure to remain popular for many more years to come.

Sater Design offers a number of stunning Courtyard Style house plans for you to consider. We also can modify house plans to suit your particular needs to ensure your home is your own perfect, personal haven!

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