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4 Coastal-Style Home Trends To Watch For in 2023

October 10, 2022

The country is huge, and unique home styles exist on its coasts. However, on those coasts, there are some traditional styles that you’ll often see. The coastal-style home is distinct but can look a bit different from year to year. Read on to learn about four coastal-style home trends to watch for in 2023.

Formal Dining Rooms

One trend starting to emerge now is the inclusion of formal, or formal-esque, dining rooms. Coastal-style homes see the owners and guests spending much of their time outside. Owners are active in going to the beach and frequenting town, but they rarely spend time indoors around the dinner table. This behavior is changing, though. People realize they can’t eat outside for every meal, but they can eat indoors and enjoy the view. That’s why you can expect to see more people using their dining rooms in the next year and decorating them more formally.

Fewer Outdoor Decorations

Another trend you can expect to see more in the next decade is minimal decoration and landscaping outdoors. You live on the coast for a reason, and that natural landscape is something you should emphasize and not hide with decorations. All you need in your outdoor space are some chairs to enjoy the view and well-maintained lawns and trees. Anything more than this will quickly cloud your view and turn your home into a maze of decorations that people must get through to reach the beach.

Minimalist Kitchens

Much like the last point, people understand that minimalism is the best way to appreciate their environment. This philosophy even extends to the kitchen. Many past coastal or beachfront homes embraced the idea that they had to bring the beach and coastal living into their home. The walls featured seashells. Also, practically everything had ocean prints or pictures of coral, fish, dolphins, etc. What more homeowners are starting to embrace is minimalism since it emphasizes the beauty of where you’re living instead of making it feel overdone and cliché.

Rustic Style

In addition to minimalism, many homeowners have begun embracing some more rustic and natural features in their decorating. Minimalism is great for accentuating the finer details, but it needs to be broken up here and there for the space to feel cohesive and inviting. The homiest decorations you can include to achieve this are some rustic furniture and natural wood elements. These can feel out of place if you go too heavy with them, but a rustic chair or table here and there can bring some character to a space.

Watch out for these coastal-style home trends next year so that you can always end up ahead of the curve. People love coastal homes, but this waterfront living can start to be a little less fun if you don’t refresh your style from time to time. Here at Sater Design Collection, we know about the trends coming, and we have various luxury beachfront home plans. We can help you build a home that will last a lifetime, so don’t hesitate to contact us today and find the right floor plan for you!

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