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3D Interactive House Plan Tours

Posted by Dan Sater II on

Trying to visualize a house plan from a line drawing can be hard. It requires no small effort. And in this visualization a lot of things can be missed, or misunderstood. That is why we have created 3D interactive tours for some of our most popular house plans.

The second most asked question we get is, “Do you have a model home I can visit?” Unfortunately most of the time the answer to that question is, No. There are times when a builder will have a model available for a short time. But those windows of opportunity are few and far between.

That is why we created these 3D Interactive Tours. Take a few moments and wander around these plans. We’d love to hear what you think of this technology. Do you think this helps you get a better feeling for the house plan?

The first 3 people to leave a comment below will receive a Discount Coupon worth 20% off the purchase of a house plan.

The Stillwater Tour:

The Benton Tour:

The Prairie Pine Court Tour:

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  • Dan,

    Great design, who do I call with questions?


    Tommy L Grundy on

  • Love these virtual tours. It gives you a feel for the home compared to looking at pictures or layouts.

    Omar on

  • Options to add a crawl space exist; however, are they advisable in southern climates?

    Tommy L Grundy on

  • 3D presentation comes alive in VR. This answers so many questions that come to mind when looking at floorplan only.
    I’ll share with friends in a second!

    Tommy L Grundy on

  • The 3d tours are very helpful in visualizing the space. I especially like the dollhouse view and being able to zoom in. It would be interesting to view other plans with multiple stories, however.

    Adam Nearing on

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