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Pet Friendly Home Designs

May 14, 2016

Pet Friendly Home Plan

It’s only natural that we want to make our home more livable for our families, and that includes our furryfamily members. This is why many homeowners are choosing pet friendly home designs when building a new home.

Criteria of Pet Friendly Home Designs

Much of what is included or to be modified in a home plan is based on you and your pet’s unique needs. In general, utilizing space wisely and creating storage options is key to keeping your animal-friendly home clean and clutter free.

Currently trending on Pinterest is the combination utility room and “pet suite”. In addition to the laundry, this space could include:

  1. Cabinetry with a built-in pet bed
  2. Built-in "toe kick" feeding bowls
  3. Storage for your pet’s food and toys
  4. A deep sink or floor shower for bathing (or muddy feet!)
  5. Easy access to the outdoors

Many of the home plans in the Sater Design Collection have large utility rooms that are ideal for sharing with your pet, such as the “Chantel” house plan.

This cozy farmhouse home plan also includes a mud room adjacent to the utility room, with easy access to the garage and outdoors.

If building a two-story house is in your future, consider utilizing the normally wasted space under the stairs as a “pet bedroom”. In this instance, Sater Design’s “Megan’s Bay” would be the ideal home plan.

Both you and your pets will enjoy the abundance of windows in this charming Farmhouse home plan.

Need more ideas? Check out our Pinterest boards for more pet-friendly finishes and accessories. And as always, look to Sater Design for all your pre-drawn home planneeds.  

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Jason Davis
Jason Davis

June 02, 2016

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